October 26, 2011

Heart problems, complex case, session 1

--- aneurism as Gomo = Yin excess which implies Gomo sedation
--- stratification of myocard, which is Hetero = Yang excess and needs Hetero sedation

In fact:
--- stratification = Yang syndrome is for myocard interior which is Yin
i.e. Yang in Yin
--- aneurism = Yin syndrome is for myocard surface which is Yang, i.e. Yin in Yang
so far both relate to the same myocard, the connection between both is clear so scheme for aneurism
will also heal stratification and vise versa.

Real danger is blood clot in aneurism cavity:
--- elimination of blood clot is sedation of it's parent Gomo = Dampness energy, and toning
up Wind, Heat or Burn = Hetero energies
--- but this also helps detach it from the heart wall so far lysing of thromb as a whole goes 
on the whole surface of it, which is life-threatening.
Also, when aneurism is healed and heart wall straightens, this will push the blood clot to
the bloodstream.

Su-Jok methods can selectively act on thromb roots and surface it is exposed to bloodstream, which allows fixing it stronger at the same time beginning to lyse it on the exposed side.

It was decided to compose schemes to exclude direct action on heart, instead working
on pathogenic energies as main or individual energies.
Neitro schemes on fingers joints for meridians and chakras are preferable as they additionally harmonize situation.

1.Scheme on Inner boyl-chakras, sedation of Gomo = Yin on:

--- Cold chakra 1, main pathogenic energy of heart attack, kidneys, eye lens
--- Dryness 2, skin, heart attack, cornea
--- Dampness 3, aneurism, coronary blood clots and that in aneurism cavity, overweight, rheumatic 
pains, kidney cysts
--- Wind 4, chest region as a whole

2. Scheme on Time Energies for the moment of heart attack (past, light green) and the day of treatment
(dark green):

such scheme CAN NEVER do any harm
regardless of a condition.

 It is done in Open Points mode which

additionally harmonizes the situation.

3. Integrated scheme for heart attack/stroke:
with the path for heart all needles perpendicular.

This showed:
--- there are already some problems for brains vessels/circulation
--- the scheme also works for emotional problems and this was taking place releasing
The patient is on heavy medication for blood pressure so he felt little about the treatment,
however responded as "generally good, relaxing".

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