March 29, 2011

Breast cancer 4-th stage, long-chain schemes II

So the main problem stays the same:
--- collecting every drop of energy day by day
--- protecting it from getting to cancer's posession
--- using it at favourable moments to create max. damage to cancer - the posts on
best time intervals for treatment
--- at the same time leaving enough energy to generally protect the area cancer has already damaged.

For this cancer case, essential fact is that the energy for breast cancer's location, Wind, is actually
absent, while the chain is comprised by all other energies and some repeated several times.
This indicates cancer has spread far beyong the original location leaving very little of it's energy there.
Also, that cancer is actually driven by a variety of factors (= energies), a lot of emotional problems
behind etc.

Breast cancer 4-th stage, long-chain schemes

The scheme:
Dampness: Light tone up

The standalone value of such schemes is, they raise the healing power, in form of energy frequency, so that it is getting closer and closer to the highest level the disease has striken. 
When it exceeds this level, cancer simply couldn't survive whatever type and stage it is.

It is interesting that with each next energy in this sequence, the number of active points on the meridian
is getting less and less until there's just one active point left. This may reflect one is getting closer and closer to the highest level the disease made roots so less and less action needed.

This could guarantee healing of any cancer case at any stage, unfortunately, body sets 
the limits:
--- as with each step the energy frequency raises, it's initial amount is getting smaller
--- this means reaching the level where cancer can be fully eliminated, one may have portions
of energy very small compared to energy cancer already established.
This is especially true for late stages of cancer when cancer's energy rapidly grows and one's energy
being quickly deretiorated
--- the body may be crammed with cancer's structures to block the energy flow generated by
acu schemes, which indicates serious preparation to such schemes.

The scheme in Spiral system