May 30, 2011

Cancer, energy holes

The most fundamental body energy system, the Diamond Energy system, allows
most fundamental action.
A brief overview of body energy feeding mechanisms and the idea of energy holes which are
essential for cancer origin.

There are 3 Border meridians going around:

mapping the Border meridians on fingers,
which allow easy and fast treatment.

Where they cross there appear Outer chakras:

Their main function is to absorb and transfer energy inside via
6 Core meridians, crossing the body inside, which connect them.

This is the way for all outer harmful energies and influence to get into body, which is important considering cancer and many other serious conditions have emotional/mental roots.

Poorly functioning or having weak part chakra becomes a gate 
to negative energy.

It then enters a system of Inner chakraswhich determine type and location in body 
cancer can take roots:

5 - bowel, skin cancer
4 - stomach, spleen, pancreas
3 - face, eyes, brain

As cancer structures get more and more developed, functioning of Core meridians and Inner chakras gets disrupted and blocked which destroys body function leaving areas more and more isolated with less and less energy supply to damage organs and body systems.

Thus the weak area or an energy hole in chakra which made the disease possible, is actually being replicated and further developed in body, which may lead to critical damage as energy hole which carries away body energy unstopped, and a gate to secondary infections which body can't beat.

Spotting and performing treatment to seal these holes can make critical part in cancer 

May 10, 2011

Bipolar disorder, Linda Hamilton II

There is type of people, called Neitro-people, which have actually one important point
in every scheme - the Neitro or Light point, which was not drawn in previous scheme
(so far it is always used by a specialist):

the green point at top.

This point is responsible for fundamantal control, and
some people need just this point to be treated to
get almost full effect from a scheme.
In such case all other points are got to work through 
the main or controlling point.

There's impression Linda Hamilton belongs exactly to this type of people, which can make 
such treatment for her especially effective.

Bipolar disorder, Linda Hamilton

An overview of bipolar disorder, related to wonderful actress Linda Hamilton.
Bipolar disorder has 2 basic states and one's moving closer to either polar emotional state, depending on season, month, even a day period.

Basic energies in excess responsible for bipolar disorder:
---Dryness - depression
--- Heat - joy, enthusiasm

The problem is,  Heat and Dryness are in axis relation which explains difficulties 
in standard drugs treatment:
--- antidepressants taming Dryness stimulate Heat and problem stays locked
--- the same for sedatives, which reduce Heat but tone up Dryness.

(similar to cancer, so far there are also 2 basic 
polar energies involved: Cold (tumours structures)
and Burn (cancer's spreading))

Everybody has an Fundamental Energy Constitution with 3 energies in excess and 3 insufficient, and Su-jok theory suggests third energy involved in a disease, which gives a number of Energy constitutions for this particular case or a disease in general.

There are 4 other energies neighbouring Heat and Dryness from each side, corresponding to emotions/states:
--- Wind - anger
--- Burn - euphoria
--- Dampness - anxiety
--- Cold - fear

One can see, these energies relate to very different states, so in fact there may be
no less than 4 types of bipolar disorder, determined by 3-rd involved energy.
This allows to unlock the Heat-Dryness grip if determine this "hidden" 

Thus, if one has Wind - anger, aggression as 3-rd energy, the energy relations will be:
--- excess of Heat, Dryness, Wind
--- Burn, Dampness, Cold insufficient ("the Crossing constitution")
which gives an acu scheme: Wind+Heat+Dryness sedate, Burn+Dampness+Cold 
tone up.

So the recipe for this type of bipolar disorder actually involves strengthening anxiety (Dampness) and fear (Cold), which may look ridiculous, however combined with the rest of treatment, this gives the necessary effect.

The treatment is better to be done in fundamental system, like Diamond Energy system, Border meridians (fast action):

The most "unbelievable" treatment scheme is maybe for 2-nd case, with Burn - euphoria 
as 3-rd energy, which means:
--- anger - Wind
--- anxiety - Dampness
--- fear - Cold 
to be stimulated to get one to normal.

Heart attack VII, Time Energies

Treatment by Time Energies helps for any disease at any stage.
A scheme for heart attack if for example, it happened today, 10 May
at 10.25 local time:

Treatment in general harmonization mode,which is simplest so possible to do by non-professionals; at the same time, may turn optimal for professionals in case of a variety of quickly developing symptomes right at the scene.

Treatment methods are:
--- marking points by colour pen 
--- taping green or black natural crystals
or plant seeds like lentils/blackseed
--- moxibustion with moxas or incense sticks perpendicular to all points
--- needles inserted perpendicular.

This type of treatment is best for a disease which strikes at particular moment of time,
which can be used in combination for the same treatment for a current day.

May 7, 2011

Heart attack VI, serious cases

This condition is life-threatening which is reflected in med. statistic, and not uncommon 
to leave one disabled over monthes and years.
In case of deep and severe damage of myocardium addressing Cold energy may be not enough and
one may need to address Darkness meridian:

This scheme is oriented more on that type of development as steady, progressive loss of circulation,
functions, growing life-treatening symptomes, which correspond to nature of Darkness energy.

Severe cases with a variety of dangerous symptomes and unpredictable turns, growing chaos in 
body functions, relate more to the energy of Light as polar life-threatening energy.
Unfortunately in such case the energy picture is a complex mixture of Yin and Yang symptomes
where Dryness and Cold energies for roots of heart attack are accompanied by Yang energies
so it's hard to suggest a general scheme.

May 4, 2011

Heart attack V, Correspondence systems

Treatment in Correspondence systems, simplest but nowhere the least effective, which
can easily be done by non-professionals:
Standard, on palm: 

Heart zone appears large enough to be treated many ways: by massage, plant seeds application etc. 

Methods may be combined: seeds application together with magnets,
natural crystals etc.

The Insect system, on finger:

Finger's choice may be:
--- index finger left hand - finger of Heat, cardiovascular system
--- ring finger right hand - finger of Cold, 
main energy behind heart attack
 good idea to use both.

Simplest treatment is to find sensitive and painful points in the zone and tape plant seeds onto, or
tape plants seeds all over the zone.

May 2, 2011

Heart attack IV, local systems

There can be treatment in Local systems, discussed earlier:

Treatment in Round Local system:

 The circle is drawn according to scan data with the centre
in the area affected by disease.
An example of treatment in 8 Qi:
--- blue points - sedation of Cold, main energy causing heart
attack and tone up Burn, the opposite energy
--- light blue point - sedation of Dryness, main energy behind stress, grief, depression
--- lower green point - tone up Wind, impulse to positive change
--- upper green point - Light control point

There can be Linear Local system:

 the line crosses the affected area.

Treatment in Triorigin:
--- both red points - sedation of Gomo = Yin group of 
energies which include Cold energy, and toning up opposite
Hetero = Yang energy
--- both green points - controlling Neitro and Neito points

Heart attack II, antiphospholipide syndrome

A scheme at study, to link excess of "Cold energy" = necrosis in miocardium to reported antiphospholipide syndrome involved i.e. destruction of phospholipides in thrombocytes membrane leading to thrombosis and more.
This is composed to follow recently proposed idea to treat severe conditions which involve or assumed 
to involve this syndrome including cancer, stroke, habitual abortion.
Additionally, this scheme follows the pattern for autoimmune disorders,so far the destruction of 
thrombocytes takes place.

Heart attack III, emotional background

Heart attack can be easily preventable so far in majority of cases it can be traced back 
to emotional roots; negative emotions combined with general stress being responsible
for fueling and creation of destructive energy pool to finally break out as heart attack.
In fact, similar things occur for traumas, when the foreign destructive Burn or Light energy, like impact of bullet, leaves it's opposite energy = Cold, in tissues.
The same way aggressive emotional energies create excess of Cold energy in heart muscle and vessels. 
Thus if not allow these energies to accumulate, one will stay safe which is quite simple with very basic 
Su-jok tools like basic energy points:

Heart attack has Cold energy behind, which belong to Yin group of energies: Dampness, Dryness and
--- anxiety - Dampness
--- depression, grief - Dryness
--- fear - Cold


Energies circulate in a sequence:
where Yin group marked blue and Yang group is red.

Harmful Yin energies can be present themselves in one's emotional constitution, or be invoked and projected from outside.
Also, they may arise as a result of  harmful Yang energies
from outside, determined by the pic:
--- Wind, anger, can cause anxiety, Dampness
--- Heat as "joy", can cause depression, Dryness
--- Burn as "superiority" from outside, can cause fear, Cold

On physical level:
--- Dampness energy is thrombosis as process and energy for blood clots
--- Dryness energy relates to all types of shortage of function and spasm
--- Cold energy is severe disruption of circulation, any function, also necrosis

According to the Energy circulation, Dampness = anxiety fuels Dryness, depression, which in turn
strengthens fear, Cold, energy behind heart attack.
Moxa treatment specifically eliminates all Yin energies because of heat flow, and prevent them to