May 2, 2011

Heart attack IV, local systems

There can be treatment in Local systems, discussed earlier:

Treatment in Round Local system:

 The circle is drawn according to scan data with the centre
in the area affected by disease.
An example of treatment in 8 Qi:
--- blue points - sedation of Cold, main energy causing heart
attack and tone up Burn, the opposite energy
--- light blue point - sedation of Dryness, main energy behind stress, grief, depression
--- lower green point - tone up Wind, impulse to positive change
--- upper green point - Light control point

There can be Linear Local system:

 the line crosses the affected area.

Treatment in Triorigin:
--- both red points - sedation of Gomo = Yin group of 
energies which include Cold energy, and toning up opposite
Hetero = Yang energy
--- both green points - controlling Neitro and Neito points

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