October 25, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 11, more

What anticancer scheme showed is essential, so far both cancer and diabetes have strong Cold - Gomo or Yin energy for their roots, and actually classic scheme for diabetes uses half of that used for cancer treatment:
sedation of Gomo, toning up Hetero.
However, diabetes also has features of more severe Neitro type of disease, and also most serious 
Neito type for cases with tendency to total termination of beta-cells function.

It will be interesting to also test a scheme on vocal cords so far it turned out promising
for cancer treatment:

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 11

Essentially the same as the set chosen earlier; returning to Triorigin schemes 
with some variations:

Also, checking the state and healing schemes on Inner boyl-chakras:
all points have become transparent to energy flow so it's a straight road to improving.
The remaining clogging energy was:
--- still on Dryness chakra (lungs, colon, skin which had extensive rush)
--- also a bit more pathogenic energy in Wind chakra (liver, gall bladder, chest region)
however no blockage to treatment.

There's been one anticancer scheme in 8 Qi tested on his thumb; he told about quite
strong flow of energy deep inside in the middle of breast (unblocking thymus according to
observations) and told it was giving more balance and more energy at the same time.

He dropped the doses for long-acting insulin to 12 units (20-21 units at the beginning of
Su-jok treatment 34 days ago); it is planned to keep 12 units for next 7-9 days.