September 30, 2012

Spinal cord cancer

Nervous system is generally controlled by energy of Burn and the scheme via 2-path approach 
was given in:

Spinal cord as a system within the spinal cavity can be targeted by sequence Burn-Light-X, where X relates to: 
--- (brain stem - Burn)
--- cervical part- Heat
--- thoracic T1-T6 - Wind
--- T7-T12 - Dampness
--- lumbar - Dryness
--- sacrum and coccyx - Cold,
for T1-T6 region the scheme is:

every vertebra within a region is then classified in energies:  T1 - Burn, T2 - Heat...T6 - Cold,
which allows further focusing of treatment.

Cancer's portrait in energies II

Lung cancer leads for both men and women among other cancer types.
There seems to be a special role of Dryness energy for cancer formation, by analysis of cancer energies

The point is, lungs are controlled by Dryness energy, and two more cancers, i.e colon cancer and skin cancer numbers of cases, are to be added, as colon and skin are also controlled by Dryness energy.
Thus the total number of Dryness-related cancers far outnumbers any other cancer type and the above assumptions seem to have evidence from med. statistics.
Energy of Dryness on emotional level relates to depression, grief, sadness, indicating a special role
for these emotions in cancer's origin.


Malignant tumours in nerv.system can be targeted via 2-path approach by
[Burn (nerv.system)]--->[2-path scheme]:

For a tumour located in peripheral nerv.system:
[Burn (nerv.system)--->X (location of tumour)]--->[2-path scheme]:

Several ways of mapping of body were given in:

Chakral mapping of body:

the same for men and women
of any age.
Each zone can be further divided  
the same way.

September 26, 2012

Right and left heart sarcomas features, Su-jok evaluation

Regarding to:
several facts observed are of interest, namely:
--- right heart sarcoma tending to be bulky, growing in a more exophitic manner, being more infiltrative, and prone to metastasize earlier than left heart or pulmonary artery sarcoma
---  it less often shows congestive heart failure or compromised hemodynamic status than left heart and pulmonary artery sarcoma, which are usually highly symptomatic at presentation.

Both observations are easily understandable from the point of Su-jok medicine, of right and left heart:
--- first is Gomo or Yin part 
--- second is Hetero or Yang part
Nalignant tumours have most of their energy of Yin nature, so:
---  it's logical that right heart location fits better their nature
--- on the other hand, Yang environment of left heart makes manifestations of sarcoma more active than right heart - Yin - more "crypted".

September 25, 2012

Spiral systems for organs

Cylindrical type Spiral systems are known for fingers, forearms, and similar structures.
The same exist on each finger phalange, which makes possible to target inner organs, so far 
there exists mapping of body organs on fingers phalanges:

 the spiral system of 8 meridians on finger; similar systems of 4, 6 and 8 meridians
can be used on each phalange.

 1 - brain
2 - spinal cord
3 - heart
4 - spleen
5 - pancreas
6 - lungs
7 - liver
8 - kidneys
9 - colon
10 - gall bladder
11 - bladder
12 - small intestine
13 - stomach
14 - duodenum

Spiral systems have distinct advantages for treatment as they combine all 3 types of meridians
in one scheme i.e:
--- horizontal - Gomo or Yin type: chronic conditions, deep-rooting problems etc
--- vertical - Hetero or Yang type: acute, fast-developing conditions
--- spiral - Neitro, which combines features of Yin and Yang-type meridians and corresponds
to Extraordinary meridians in classic acupuncture 
thus giving max. power and flexibility.

Skin cancer

General scheme to treat skin cancer via 2-path scheme
[Dryness (skin)]--->[2-path scheme]:

To target cancer's location in a particular area 
[Dryness--->X (energy for cancer's location)]--->[2-path scheme]:
there's body energy mapping in:

Special mapping for skin regions in 8 Qi, X is:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat
--- chest - Burn
--- head - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- abdomen - Cold
--- mucous membranes of the organs - Darkness.

September 23, 2012

Bone cancer

General scheme to treat bone cancer of any location via 2-path scheme
[Cold (bones)]--->[2-path scheme]:

To adress cancer's location in a particular area 
[Cold--->X (energy for cancer's location)]--->[2-path scheme]:
one may use body energy mapping as in:

There's special mapping for bone system in 8 Qi, where X is:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat 
--- ribs - Burn
--- cranium - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- pelvis - Cold
--- spinal column - Darkness

September 21, 2012

Sarcoma of cardiac muscle (myocardium)

Cardiac muscle sarcoma is very rare but has poor prognosis. 
Cardiac muscle has special energy path to: Heat--->Heat--->Wind; the scheme
[Heat--->Heat--->Wind (myocardium)]--->[2-path scheme]:

this also applies to certain conditions with two opposite processes in Yin and Yang groups of energies, for example, cardiomyopathy as hole in heart wall:
--- Yang as hole formation
--- Yin as general debilitation of heart function

September 20, 2012

Sarcoma from muscular tissue

General scheme to treat tumours originated in muscular system is the same as for breast and liver cancer:
To target an area stricken by tumour there are several ways of mapping the body regions:

more details in:
 The scheme:
[Wind--->X (energy for the region)]--->[2-path scheme]

In case of a tumour located in extremities, there's standard classification

X for left side:
--- foot/hand - Wind
--- forearm/shin - Heat
--- hip/shoulder - Burn
For right side:
--- hip/shoulder - Dampness
--- forearm/shin -Dryness
--- foot/hand - Cold

women in puberty age have this mirror-like, i.e.  right foot/hand - Wind,
right forearm/shin - Heat... left foot/hand - Cold.

Sarcoma is somewhat different from cancer in terms of energies, however these schemes target 
tumour rooting and spreading, which applies to both.

September 18, 2012

Cancers originated in cerebellum

These cancers can be targeted by general path for brain: Burn--->Light, however cerebellum anatomically appears as somewhat separated structure.
There are 2 types of cancer associated with cerebellum, medulloblastoma and PNET; the scheme
by path to cerebellum
[Burn--->Light (brain)--->Dryness (cerebellum)]--->[2-path scheme]: 

Brain tumours of any location can also be targeted by general Space Energies mapping, where:
--- first energy is location of tumour by vertical axis
crossing brain
--- second is the same for horizontal azis, i.e. mapping brain in sections going around
--- third is location by depth
derived by MRI data.

Esophageal cancer II

The second in previous schemes may also include chakra of Dampness as stomach is controlled
by it, though esophagus path doesn't cross it:

September 17, 2012

Esophageal cancer

Esophagus can be targeted as part of a "stomach system" which combines mouth, esophagus and
stomach, by a sequence
[Heat--->Dampness--->Heat (esophagus)]--->[2-path scheme]:

Different approach is based on esophagus crossing regions controlled by 
Heat and Wind chakras:

 making 2-path from Heat and Wind meridians
(representing correspondent chakras)

September 15, 2012

Other cancer types

The previous list of posts on 2-path schemes covered organs and systems which have 
special path in energies to, which can't be deduced from basic Su-jok knowledge.

Schemes for cancers of 12 organs with regular classification by energies, like liver - Wind, lungs - Dryness etc, can be composed using a list of organ <-> energy linking posted in:

There are several other special locations which will be given schemes.

Hypothalamic and pineal gland cancer

These are targeted:
--- hypothalamus:  Dampness--->Light
--- pineal gland: Dampness--->Darkness
and the schemes are:

hypothalamic tumours

pineal gland tumours

The schemes also work for benign tumours,
covering the same aspects: rooting and spreading.

September 13, 2012

Pituitary gland cancer

Pituitary gland is targeted by sequence Dampness--->Burn, and the scheme is
[Dampness--->Burn]--->[2-path scheme]:


Thyroid cancer

Thyroid is addressed by energy sequence Dampness--->Heat, and the scheme is
[Dampness--->Heat]--->[2-path scheme]:


 applies to any thyroid cancer type, so far it
aims on cancerous process in it.

September 12, 2012

Ovarian cancer

Ovaries as part of endocrine system are targeted by sequence Dampness--->Cold, and the scheme is
[Dampness--->Cold]--->[2-path scheme]:

Ovaries also belong to reproductive system by sequence:

September 11, 2012

Cancer of adrenals

Adrenals are targeted by a sequence Dampness--->Dryness so the scheme is:

Explanations on the scheme in:

September 10, 2012


General scheme to treat lymphomas is based on sequence :
[Heat--->Dampness (stomach, spleen, lymphatic system)]---> [2-path scheme]

To aim at specific cell stricken by cancer, one incorporates an energy sequence for that cell, 
a list of which was given in a post on 2-path schemes for leukemia:
so the scheme looks like:
[Heat--->Dampness (lymph.system)]--->[Heat---Darkness--->Light (blood cells pool)--->X (energy for blood cell)]--->[2-path scheme], image composed for X=Heat, B-cells lymphoma:

The scheme may aim at deeper level, i.e. to target for example, each of T-lymphocytes: [Heat--->Darkness--->Light--->X=Burn]--->Y, where Y is
--- Heat for T-helpers
--- Dryness for T-suppressors
--- Cold for T-killers

 a scheme targeting T-killers

General scheme for T-cells lymphomas:

September 8, 2012

Stomach, spleen cancer and lymphomas

To complete coverage of 3 organs: stomach, spleen and pancreas, traditionally linked to one origin, i.e.
Earth in Chinese medicine, but having very diffetent schemes in Su-jok acupuncture, a scheme for stomach, spleen cancer and cancer in lymphatic system, as they all are targeted by the same sequence:

The scheme targets any cancer in lymphatic system, i.e. is non-specific to the type of blood cell involved.

More specific schemes in following  posts.

September 7, 2012

Duodenal cancer

The scheme for duodenal cancer is the same as for pancreatic cancer, previous post, 
as both organs are targeted by the same sequence Heat--->Burn.

Pancreatic cancer

Exocrine part of pancreas is targeted by energy sequence Heat--->Burn, so the scheme
using 2-path approach looks like:
[ Heat---> Burn]--->[2-path scheme]

Pancreatic cancer in most cases is found already metastasised, so one can extend the sequence according to where it has happened, like in case of liver metastases:
[ Heat---> Burn (pancreas)-->Dampness (lymph.system)--->Wind (liver)]--->[2-path scheme] 

Pancreas and liver are linked by system of ducts, so there's likely no need for a special means for cancer to spread to, however addressing lymphatic system traces spreading to other locations.

Difficulties in pancreatic cancer treatment including special problems for surgery and life quality after that are well-known.
Su-jok has more tools besides the above schemes, like:
--- Local systems which make possible targeting any location of metastases besides the primary
cancer's location
--- blocking cancer's spreading through full system of boyl-chakras oriented to all 4 directions to where 
cancer can move within the main level covered by a particular chakra (i.e. whole thoracic region for Wind chakra, 1):


---  Border/Core meridians to cover for example, the whole trunk.

For pancreas the energies in 8 Qi and energies reflecting organ's location do not match, and this is among the most complex cases for treatment:

September 6, 2012


Thymoma usually occurs as benign tumour, however there's always a chance for this to turn
into cancerous process, like in case of astrocytoma with 4 gradations from pure benign to
clearly malignant state.
With thymus targeted as Dampness--->Wind:

Benign tumours have Dampness energy for roots compared to Cold energy for malignant tumours, so the scheme is more radical, as Cold is more serious Yin state which grows as: 


Treatment for purely benign thymoma, making 2-path scheme through Dampness energy 
instead of Cold:

Link for the post with explanations for 2-path scheme was given in previous post.

Insuloma, malignant

Cancer treatment to involve both destruction of cancer's roots and taming it's spreading
via single scheme:
Addressing endocrine glands has it's specific path via main Dampness energy (or starting with
Burn--->Dampness, if consider it an neuroendocrine system): 
[Dampness (endocrine system)--->Dampness (endocrine part of pancreas)]---> [2-path scheme]

It's essential that the scheme targets any place with endocrine function besides pancreas tail,  so far these elements are spread all over the pancreas body.

Insuloma presents additional problems like:
--- abnormal secretion of insulin which makes the situation mirror-like to diabetes 1 type, but
raises the same problem of sugar level management
--- a specific danger at surgery where there can be a massive flush of released insulin into
a bloodstream to result in sharp drop of sugar level.

Pancreas endocrine and exocrine part are addressed by very different paths:
--- Dampness--->Dampness
--- Heat--->Burn for the latter
so the above scheme has little effect for pancreas cancer. Because the paths are different, it's essential 
to give a scheme for pancreas cancer itself in separate post.

September 5, 2012

Vocal cords cancer

In fact, both schemes for general treatment for vocal cords:
also describe a pair of schemes for cancer treatment to separately aim at cancer's roots  - a scheme with 2 red points, and tame it's spreading - the one with 2 blue points.

There may be single scheme via 2-path approach:
[Dryness--->Cold--->Dryness]--->[2-path scheme]:

In fact, this will  act on any cancer so far cancer has strong emotional roots and vocal cords function is closely linked to emotions.

Cancer's portrait by it's energies

Cancer's energies in Su-jok classification include:
--- Cold - main cancer's energy and energy of rooting
--- Burn - energy behind spreading
--- Dryness - epithelium, physical growing from
--- Dampness - lymphatic system used to spread

From how they go in the Energy circle one gets the sequence:

Every energy sequence points to a problem which gives 
multiple options considering what system is taken.

1. Assuming Burn is nerv.system (brain), sequence Burn--->Dampness points to limbic system which relates to emotional world.
Linking next energies to emotional states:
--- Dryness is grief, depression, sadness
--- Cold is fear
Strictly, Cold as sublevel of Dryness means "severe function loss" so one may see it as prominent state of

The above does have evidence from the statistics on the emotional background for the disease.

2. Another reading of the sequence, assuming Burn describes neuroendocrine system:
Burn--->Dampness--->Dryness gives path to adrenals.
Cold as severe "adrenals function loss" is of course not observed for all cancer cases but in other terms this points to extremely stressful social environment able to cause "severe adrenal fatigue", which is also in perfect agreement with what is observed.

Considering the way the energies were listed in the beginning of the post:
--- Cold--->Burn describes cancer's powering machine on energy level
--- then this physically roots in epithelium - Dryness
--- at some stage spreading begins through lymphatic system - Dampness
this has Cold to start with, and Cold as emotion is fear (another well-known fact for many doctors).