September 5, 2012

Cancer's portrait by it's energies

Cancer's energies in Su-jok classification include:
--- Cold - main cancer's energy and energy of rooting
--- Burn - energy behind spreading
--- Dryness - epithelium, physical growing from
--- Dampness - lymphatic system used to spread

From how they go in the Energy circle one gets the sequence:

Every energy sequence points to a problem which gives 
multiple options considering what system is taken.

1. Assuming Burn is nerv.system (brain), sequence Burn--->Dampness points to limbic system which relates to emotional world.
Linking next energies to emotional states:
--- Dryness is grief, depression, sadness
--- Cold is fear
Strictly, Cold as sublevel of Dryness means "severe function loss" so one may see it as prominent state of

The above does have evidence from the statistics on the emotional background for the disease.

2. Another reading of the sequence, assuming Burn describes neuroendocrine system:
Burn--->Dampness--->Dryness gives path to adrenals.
Cold as severe "adrenals function loss" is of course not observed for all cancer cases but in other terms this points to extremely stressful social environment able to cause "severe adrenal fatigue", which is also in perfect agreement with what is observed.

Considering the way the energies were listed in the beginning of the post:
--- Cold--->Burn describes cancer's powering machine on energy level
--- then this physically roots in epithelium - Dryness
--- at some stage spreading begins through lymphatic system - Dampness
this has Cold to start with, and Cold as emotion is fear (another well-known fact for many doctors).

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