September 18, 2012

Cancers originated in cerebellum

These cancers can be targeted by general path for brain: Burn--->Light, however cerebellum anatomically appears as somewhat separated structure.
There are 2 types of cancer associated with cerebellum, medulloblastoma and PNET; the scheme
by path to cerebellum
[Burn--->Light (brain)--->Dryness (cerebellum)]--->[2-path scheme]: 

Brain tumours of any location can also be targeted by general Space Energies mapping, where:
--- first energy is location of tumour by vertical axis
crossing brain
--- second is the same for horizontal azis, i.e. mapping brain in sections going around
--- third is location by depth
derived by MRI data.

Esophageal cancer II

The second in previous schemes may also include chakra of Dampness as stomach is controlled
by it, though esophagus path doesn't cross it: