May 2, 2011

Heart attack IV, local systems

There can be treatment in Local systems, discussed earlier:

Treatment in Round Local system:

 The circle is drawn according to scan data with the centre
in the area affected by disease.
An example of treatment in 8 Qi:
--- blue points - sedation of Cold, main energy causing heart
attack and tone up Burn, the opposite energy
--- light blue point - sedation of Dryness, main energy behind stress, grief, depression
--- lower green point - tone up Wind, impulse to positive change
--- upper green point - Light control point

There can be Linear Local system:

 the line crosses the affected area.

Treatment in Triorigin:
--- both red points - sedation of Gomo = Yin group of 
energies which include Cold energy, and toning up opposite
Hetero = Yang energy
--- both green points - controlling Neitro and Neito points

Heart attack II, antiphospholipide syndrome

A scheme at study, to link excess of "Cold energy" = necrosis in miocardium to reported antiphospholipide syndrome involved i.e. destruction of phospholipides in thrombocytes membrane leading to thrombosis and more.
This is composed to follow recently proposed idea to treat severe conditions which involve or assumed 
to involve this syndrome including cancer, stroke, habitual abortion.
Additionally, this scheme follows the pattern for autoimmune disorders,so far the destruction of 
thrombocytes takes place.

Heart attack III, emotional background

Heart attack can be easily preventable so far in majority of cases it can be traced back 
to emotional roots; negative emotions combined with general stress being responsible
for fueling and creation of destructive energy pool to finally break out as heart attack.
In fact, similar things occur for traumas, when the foreign destructive Burn or Light energy, like impact of bullet, leaves it's opposite energy = Cold, in tissues.
The same way aggressive emotional energies create excess of Cold energy in heart muscle and vessels. 
Thus if not allow these energies to accumulate, one will stay safe which is quite simple with very basic 
Su-jok tools like basic energy points:

Heart attack has Cold energy behind, which belong to Yin group of energies: Dampness, Dryness and
--- anxiety - Dampness
--- depression, grief - Dryness
--- fear - Cold


Energies circulate in a sequence:
where Yin group marked blue and Yang group is red.

Harmful Yin energies can be present themselves in one's emotional constitution, or be invoked and projected from outside.
Also, they may arise as a result of  harmful Yang energies
from outside, determined by the pic:
--- Wind, anger, can cause anxiety, Dampness
--- Heat as "joy", can cause depression, Dryness
--- Burn as "superiority" from outside, can cause fear, Cold

On physical level:
--- Dampness energy is thrombosis as process and energy for blood clots
--- Dryness energy relates to all types of shortage of function and spasm
--- Cold energy is severe disruption of circulation, any function, also necrosis

According to the Energy circulation, Dampness = anxiety fuels Dryness, depression, which in turn
strengthens fear, Cold, energy behind heart attack.
Moxa treatment specifically eliminates all Yin energies because of heat flow, and prevent them to