November 20, 2011

Triorigin schemes, osteoporosis, self-treatment

Relating to:
taping natural crystals onto points: 
--- green crystals onto 1, 2, 6
--- blue crystals onto 3, 4
--- white crystal onto 5

Triorigin schemes, osteoporosis II

1. As bones are controlled by energy of Cold, there can be treatment on External and
Internal boyl-chakras:

1 - External chakra of Cold
1' - Internal chakra of Cold
the same scheme, He (destruction) sedate, Ho (integrity) tone up.

ellipses are cross-sections of joints; brown lines are direction of needles,
view from top.
For self-treatment one can tape natural crystals of the
same colours; one may use white stone like quartz
for the upper green points. 

2.Energy of Cold also controls kidneys and bladder so one may treat 
sensitive points there: