July 26, 2011

Root Canals and Breast Cancer, Su-jok evaluation


This source links the root canals to breast cancer regarding to it being a source of bacteria,
microbes and toxins from inside the tooth, which can leak into body and cause infections and other
health problems, including cancer.
It is stated to be confirmed by checking the records of 150 breats cancer patients treated in the Paracelsus
Clinic in Switzerland.

The energy mapping gives the energy path to teeth:
Dampness (stomach system)--->Wind (mouth)--->Cold ("bones" in mouth i.e. teeth)--->
Cold (the lowest/deepest part i.e. roots)

Direct energy mapping to locate breasts in the same system:
Wind (between neck and diaphragm)---> Dampness ( location of breasts in vertical mapping--->Cold (the frontal area of breasts within red vertical lines) the similarity is about 100%.

--- breasts are especially rich in lymph. paths and lymphatic system is controlled by energy of 
--- cancer's basic energy is Cold

With such clear matching for energy sequences this easily explains the observed phenomena or at least
shows this is possible.
This can also show more regions which can be affected similar way:
--- starting with Wind: liver/gall bladder
--- starting with Dampness: stomach, pancreas, spleen
--- staring with Cold: bones, kidneys, bladder.
for the latter:
--- region of 3/6-4/6 length of left foot/left hand for men
--- or, kidneys, 2/6-3/6 height, 3/6-4/6 deep.

July 24, 2011

"2-path" scheme and treatment on boyl-chakras

Severe cases of heart attack or stroke require combination of Yang and Yin approaches.
First is generally for emergency help, fast-developing situations and sudden and rapidly changing symptomes, and done on meridians, second is for deep-rooting, slowly-developing and similar, also for deeply located problems, done on boyl-chakras. 

"2-path scheme" belongs to first, and allows both fundamental (Diamond Energy System) and fast (Border meridians) action, making Light-Darkness schemes valuable for emergency and life-threatening 
situations like car accidents, eye traumas, heart attack, stroke etc.

Such schemes turned out compatible with treatment on boyl-chakras on the same hand, i.e. for deep-rooting problems, which may be a solution to treat severe brain damage, for example.
If do chakral treatment on fingers joints (Neitro-system), both schemes seem to interact and coordinate 

Treatment on boyl-chakras is too demanding for non-professionals and is not covered here. 

July 21, 2011

Cycling, Chi-Gong and Su-jok medicine II

That Su-Jok medicine can operate with body systems which can open up prospects to help exercise those systems, not just recovery, is really interesting. 
Su-Jok can directly work with immune system and every component of it, and also with Border and Core meridians which are fundamental store of energy, which can allow one to accumulate energy there and use it at critical moments, like hard mountain climb.

This can narrow the gap between time trial specialists and pure mountain climbs specialists, making win 
of Giro or Tour de France in general classification for riders like Fabian Cancellara or Sylvain Chavanel, 
let alone Jeremy Roy or Sandy Casar, more real.

Especially interesting are schemes based on Chronopuncture, as they seem to be able to invoke the 
energy state one has had at very favorable time period when one had an energy peak, for a particular day (at least this proved working for stroke and diabetes sufferers).
Of course, an athlete will have to compensate this later in recovery period, which underlines the importance of constant energy uptake.

Cycling, Chi-Gong and Su-jok medicine

Chi-Gong has rather unique position among methods to balance and gain energy,
--- there's a variety of traditions and branches within each 
--- Chi-Gong having Tibetan/Chinese origin is very practically oriented, like most of Chinese approaches,
in contrast to, for example, Hindus healing traditions
--- generally one can expect faster progress with Chi-Gong in connection to energy gain and recovery 
after big energy spending like Grand Tours
--- Chi-Gong is essential part of every martial art tradition, which makes it much closer to
Western sports 

In connection to acupuncture and Su-jok medicine in particular, there's distinct similarity for methods
of energy accumulation.
The fundamental Chi-Gong practice of "Lesser and Grosser Heaven's Circle" to work on Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai meridians to raise body energy, has at least 3 basic schemes in Su-jok which also gives more
options, like extending the exercise to 24/7 by tools attached to points.

Regarding to cycling (and any other sport), Su-Jok and Chi-Gong can give:
--- faster recovery so far all energy paths to organs and systems are well described
(and used to treat very serious diseases)
--- one can focus on a particular systems like cardiovascular, muscular, even lymphatic for
faster removal of wastes and toxins from muscles and organs
--- by Su-jok one can focus even more, to do this for thighs muscles, or calf, or back, with similar schemes
which were described for a particular region like knee traumas
--- raising energy by working with basic energy points can give more power and quite effectively
support during "bad" days and periods
--- there's simple emotional correction by massage of an organ zone which corersponds to a particular
emotion : fear - kidneys/bladder; anxiety - spleen/pancreas/stomach etc (was described earlier), let alone
special emotions correction schemes.

Chi-Gong has proved itself as efficient tool to a wide range of conditions from posture correction to
recovery from serious traumas and even stroke (many sources available).

July 16, 2011

Cyclists: helping emotional problems

Harmful events like crashes especially accidents caused by cars or motorcycles
serving the race, which was not one case at Tour de France this year, may have serious
impact on riders emotional state.
Besides, bad crashes can seriously affect the riders motivation like confessed by Robert Gesink 
in his interviews, considering the physical traumas he got are not hampering him from continuing
the race.

The "integrated" scheme for heart attack/stroke:
proved also working well for emotional/mental traumas having rather fast effect done
on professional level (needles combined with moxa treatment).

One however can do the same by natural crystals for self-treatment:

points are easy to find:
--- for point 3', it's 1/2 distance between green point 2'
and the tip of thumb
--- for point 2 - at 1/2 of the lower part of black line
(the meridian), point 3 - 1/2 distance between points 2 
and 1.

One tapes natural crystals 2-3 mm size of the same colour
onto, for 30 min up to several hours.
One can add heating my moxa cigar, 
--- in sequence of numbers: 1-2-3 then 1-2'-3'
--- keeping it perpendicular to points at comfortable distance to create a constant flow of heat
--- 30 sec to 1 min each.

Warning: this scheme may not apply for those with irregular heart beating!
Also, for those who just have had an operation on heart and any acute heart condition
like several days from the moment of heart attack.

Cycling: 2-points easy treatment for joints

There is general mapping of body on the palm, so one can use 2 main points for joints locations,
like shown for both shoulders:

Attaching plant thorns like was described in:
onto the points, one does general harmonization of energies for the injured joint.

If combine this with moxa treatment - heating by special moxa or several incense sticks 
tied together holding it beside the needle aiming at the points, this can ease pain rather 
quickly and manage all other trauma aspects.

Of course, this works not only for cyclists traumas.

July 15, 2011

Emergency acupuncture for cyclists III, head

In case of severe blow in head, it's good to use links of brain to kidneys
and massage to kidneys reflex zones helps the trauma:

zones for kidneys on the right image, Insect
Correspondence system.

Besides, massage and heating the whole path 
for spinal column on finger will help drive away
the harmful energy from brain.

Finger of choice may be:
--- ring finger left hand - finger of Burn,
the energy for brain and nerv. system
--- ring finger right hand - finger of Cold, 
main trauma energy.


Brain is controlled by energy of Burn and kidneys by energy of Cold; Burn and Cold energies are in axis relation.

Besides, several hours since trauma, general trauma energy 
becomes energy of Cold, so working on kidneys helps
eliminate it.


Emergency acupuncture for cyclists II

There are of course more emergency type schemes, like:
--- Correspondence systems, needles/crystals/other tools applied right
on the reflex zone for the trauma
--- "local" systems
all this is well-known for Su-jok specialists.

One method is particularly interesting: if, for example, there's a deep cut, one can use 
plant seeds applied onto the reflex zone around the cut so that their magnetic fields are 
directed inside to push the edges to close: 

The cut is on outer side of left shin, seeds applied
on the corresponding zone.

Seed's magnetic field is very weak but the same level as human magnetic fields, giving sort of resonance and human tissues respond.

The magn. field vector is usually directed from
sharp to blunt edge of a seed, so to help wound close
one orients them blunt edge inside (pic).

This has much wider application, for example, for asthma to expand bronchi; to help drive away kidney/bladder stones; to help prolapsed uterus etc.

Low energy laser treatment is of particular interest for emergency help for traumas, as laser
beam has prominent "antiseptic" and cleansing properties; besides, green laser has 
significant pain-killer effect, and if applied to right points, can ease riding for injured rider
similar to pain-killers.

However, there's usual problem of right dosing for laser treatment, so one is to have clear understanding 
of rider's state and the situation. 

July 14, 2011

Tour de France 2011 crashes, Andreas Kloden

Regarding to his back injury, not knowing the exact trauma location, simple acupuncture by "needles"
in harmonization mode:

The scheme coves the area from Th-11 to coccyx.

One can:
--- mark the points by colour pen, colour for all points is
actually the same
--- make small holes in 3 pieces of med. tape and inserts
ANY plant thorns into
--- tape this perpendicular to skin first onto point 1, so that the tip of a thorn touches skin, then the same for points 2, in any order.

Of course the sufferer himself can use 2 points:
--- 1 and 2 for lower part towards coccyx
--- 1 and 2' for the upper part 

Plant thorns are to be kept like this for 20-30 min, then may be replaced by green crystals, 
for several hours up to 24 hours.

Striking feature of such acupuncture is, one not only doesn't need to insert needles deep in flesh,
but also prick the skin, nevertherless this is staff method to use plant needles in Su-jok

Emergency acupuncture for cyclists

The initial impact causing trauma starts "chain reactions", which is known in traumatology,
so erasing this harmful energy as quickly as possible can make big difference for how this trauma
will be healed later.
There are certain fast-working schemes like the schemes with points around nails which give effect 
in 15-20 sec.

Another fast-working scheme which in addition acts on fundamental level, is the "Royal" healing on Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai meridians in classic acupuncture, or Border meridians in Su-jok medicine:

the "integrated" scheme for heart/brain problems, currently
being used for a patient who had stroke status and later 
developed heart attack.

Points 1, 2', 3' can be used as emergency help right at the scene
for brain traumas, eye/face traumas, everything related to 

Similarly, treatment for back or chest region:

Sequence 1 targets sacrum (and coccyx), sequence
2  is for scapula region.

There are usually just 3 points to target the damaged area so this can be done quickly and "on the fly", when cyclist is riding beside the med. car.

There may be a problem:
--- cyclists are usually not used to acupuncture treatment
--- acupuncture uses the energy present in body and directs it to ailing area
--- this leaves a bit less energy for riding, but mental energies are also affected
--- this means, if one's not used to this, he may lose concentration at riding, which he most probably
may not notice as this acupuncture acts very smoothly and harmoniously.

This doesn't mean there can't be acupuncture on the fly, but one is to use other methods 
than needles, which allow careful dosing and also alter intensity, like combination of crystals 
taped onto points (basic action) and heating by moxa (dynamic action).

On the other hand, if one's having acu sessions regularly, he gets used to it, and no such problem
even when riding in rainy weather.

Time Energies: emotional healing for the moment of trauma

Schemes on Time Energies not only treat the traumas themselves, but also take away 
negative emotions and memories caused by those crashes (physical, emotional and mental
levels are interconnected).
This may be valuable for riders which experience bad feelings and even nightmares 
related to the crash, as Johnny Hoogerland told.

Healing for traumatic emotional moments was described several times in this blog, and
is probably the most advanced and easy-to-do method in acupuncture, the idea is, the
traumatic moment in form of "stuck" harmful energy has certain energy characteristics, 
and this schemes apply an "opposite" set of energies to bring it to zero.

July 13, 2011

Tour de France 2011 crashes, Robert Gesink, Jani Brajkovic

Regarding to that bad crash, which made Brajkovic to abandon the race.
July 6, 15.29. 31:

--- point 1 - 2011 year
--- point 2 - July
--- point 3 - 6-th July
--- point 4 - 15 hours
--- point 5 - 15.30

The scheme is in general harmonization mode, so far riders got different type of injuries.
More details in:
Such scheme can manage any type of injury that happened that moment.
--- marking the points location by colour pen
--- taping natural green crystals 2-3 mm size onto
--- heating by several incense sticks tied together in a sequence of numbers,
each point for 1-1.5 min holding them perpendicular to the points at comfortable distance 
to mantain a constant flow of heat.

Tour de France 2011, Johnny Hoogerland, serious bleeding

From the the images of bad injuries he got during terrible dive into a barbed-wire fence,
upper parts of hips, knees and ankles all got involved, on both legs.
One can use more general approach, considering legs are Gomo and damaging energy is Hetero:

Wind (muscles, tendons)---> Gomo (legs): Neito tone up, Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up,
Neitro control or tone up

The scheme forces wounds there to contract 
and also decrease bleeding.

Description for this and self-treatment was
described in previous posts.

Tour de France, Robert Gesink, knee injuries

considering his stage 5 ride with legs bleeding.
Knees are controlled by energy of Dryness, the corresponding finger and nail is
index finger right hand, any knee trauma in general can be managed there:

Skin is also controlled by Dryness energy so the above scheme works well for scratches.

If there's deeper injury for muscles and tendons, they  are controlled by energy of Wind, so:
--- one marks a transition point 1 of Wind
--- goes to Wind finger, little finger left hand:


Right after the trauma, there's need to help tissues close, general scheme:
--- tone up Neito
--- sedate Hetero
--- tone up Gomo
--- tone up Neitro
in more details in previous posts:

After the wounded tissues have closed, one can use a scheme to promote cicrulation
in affected area and speed up healing:

If bleeding is consistent, especially when cyclist goes on riding, one can specially address 
Heat energy (cardiovascualr system) to slow it down:

In details:
--- black point - tone up Neito, to erase the energy of impact which caused trauma, and restore
"calmness" in the area
--- red point - sedation of Burn - fast-growing haematoma
--- orange point  - tone up Dryness, contraction, shrinking, 
--- green point at left - addresses action to finger of cardiovascular system, index finger left hand
--- points there are to slow down bleeding in knees region, haematoma

One can narrow the action right to the area of wound which causes bleeding, but this needs 

additional transition points and good knowledge of energy mapping.

Colour of points as usual indicates the colour of natural crystals to tape on points for self-treatment,
more on self-treatment in:

Alexander Vinokurov, hip fracture

The location of fracture he got at 9-th stage of Tour de France invokes concern
because of it's relation to the fundamental energies in his Constitution.

The leading energy in his Constitution appears to be Dampness
--- round developed muscles
--- tranquile balanced character (may also be prone to anxiety deep inside)
--- insightful psychological type
--- consistency as cycling style.
Right hip for men is also controlled by energy of Dampness (energy of Burn for women in pubertal age);
when leading Constitution energy and trauma location energy match, this is more serious
than if this is not the case.

Energy sequence for this fracture:
Cold (bones)--->Dampness (right hip)--->Burn (area closest to pelvis): energies to work on

(Both hips are "Dampness" in classification for all extremities; in classification for legs left Hip (men) is
Burn and right is also Dampness, so right hip may be seen as "prominent Dampness energy").

Description of trauma energies and treatment in 8 Qi was given in a post on Gabrielle Giffords head shot:

The above scheme uses treatment in Triorigin:
--- points 1,2 - locating action in the damaged area 
--- point 3 - Neito tone up - erasing the energy of impact which caused the trauma and restoring 
fundamental "calmness" for disturbed energies
--- point 4 - Hetero sedate - energy behind any disintegration
--- point 5 - Gomo tone up, the opposite energy
--- point 6 - Neitro harmonization (green point) or tone up (white) - fundamental controlling and harmonizing energy

This scheme is applicable right at the scene of accident and next several days
since that moment.
(In the long run, the scheme is to be "reversed" to tone up Hetero, sedate Gomo, and if persistent
problems arise or the fracture shows poor healing, one is to sedate Neito energy as a factor which
hampers the healing).

The scheme may be used for self-treatment to support recovery:
--- one marks points on flesh around nails, points are easy to find as all are at 45* to each other,
size 2-3 mm.
--- tapes ANY natural crystals of the same colour onto
--- heats the points in a sequence, by several incense sticks tied together, perpendicular to 
all points, 30sec to 1-2 min each.

Other parts of body controlled by energy of Dampness essential for potential cycling traumas
are (for men): right shoulder and scapula (will also work for right collarbone), middle finger on both hands; also ribs at back, right side; the same location for cranium.

Tour de France 2011 crashes, Johnny Hoogerland

An egregious accident having involved Juan Antonio Flecha and Johny Hoogerland,
July 10, 16.55.30:

the scheme approximated
to 17.00.
Explanations in the first post of this

July 11, 2011

Tour de France 2011 crashes IIa

Alexander Vinokurov, 10 July, 15.08:

Explanations in:

Like already mentioned, this scheme will apply also to Dave Zabriskie and others who got anything disintegrated in this crash: Omega Pharma-Lotto teammates Jurgen Van den Broucke and Frederik Willems.

Simpler version in harmonization mode will help for any other trauma got in this crash:

Tour de France 2011 crashes

Considering how many traumas are literally ripping Tour de France this year,  below
are schemes by Time Energies to treat by the moment the accident happened.
This is to additionally practice in schemes for narrowly-focused Triorigin Chronopuncture
tracing back the moment of trauma up to minutes, so far this is available at Cyclingnews 

Bradley Wiggins, July 8, 17.14 local time, collarbone fracture:

Ellipses show a cross-section of
joints to mark position of points
on joint line, view from top.

--- point 1 - 2011 year
--- point 2 - July
--- point 3 - 8-th July
--- point 4 - 17 hours
--- point 5 - 17.15

--- point 5 - tone up Neito, to fundamentally calm energies "whirled up" by crash
--- 6 - sedate Hetero, the impact energy and energy of disintegration (fracture)
--- 7 - tone up Gomo, energy to join bone fragments
--- 8 - Neitro energy tone up or control.

The points 5,6,7,8 can be replaced by just point 5 working in general harmonization mode (needle,
moxibustion perpendicular to point), which is possible for self-treatment and is similar effective.

The scheme works for all other cyclists involved in that crash, who got ANYTHING disintegrated
like fractures, tendons ripped, wounds, scratches.
In case of any other traumas, like brain concussion, the scheme in harmonization mode will work, regardless 
of the problem caused by this crash, because the scheme simply levels disrupted energies 
to normal (Sylvian Chavanel and others).

Heart attack, " 2-path " scheme

This scheme has 2 regions of action: heart area and neck/brain area.
Such approach is based on the idea that heart problems are always accompanied by or cause 
energy disruption in brain.

In classic Chinese acupuncture, heart is controlled by energy of Fire and brain tissue is based 
on kidneys energy, i.e. on physical level brain is linked to kidneys function.
Kidneys are Water energy and Fire and Water are in axis relation, which means
there's no ever heart problem which doesn't affect kidneys and vise versa. 

Here one starts from point 1 then goes along the chosen path: down to heart region 1 - 2 - 3 or
up to brain area 1 - 2' - 3'.

In fact, such version of Light-Darkness schemes was not introduced by Su-jok founders.

As usual, colour of points is colour of natural srystals to tape on
for self-treatment.Green points are in fact of the same colour,
drawn different for convenience.

The same by needles (in Insect system).

This scheme is currently used for a person who developed a stroke status several years ago and now has had a heart attack. One may give more treatment in heart direction and then switch to path to brain, orienting on patient's feelings, hour of a day and other factors, or use one path this day and other next time.

In this case, though main amount of pathogenic energy is in the heart region, the points unblocking the situation tend to be on brain region.

This scheme may also be used as very general approach to correct emotional/mental problems
as heart is centre of human emotions and brain for mental activity.
Here the 1-st point seems to work as gateway to direct energy either heart or brain path
depending on the situation and other factors like hour of day, prevailing symptomes.
For "Neitro-people":
work on this one point may turn enough to balance the situation, so far other points are switched to action automatically.

This particular scheme, however, is not for acute conditions like the moment and several
hours after heart attack or the same for stroke, especially haemorrage type (the needles should be at 
different angle and stones of different colour).

July 10, 2011

Rhabdomyosarcoma case, evaluation

Evaluation of a rhabdomyosarcoma case, tumour initially located at right forearm:
Wind (muscles)--->Dryness(right forearm): energies to work on

The scheme used for cancer and generally applicable for malignant tunours:
--- to fight sarcoma at it's roots: Gomo (energy for roots) sedate, Hetero (opposite energy) tone up,
2 red points
--- to tame it's spreading: Hetero (spreading), sedate, Gomo (calmness) tone up, 2 blue points
both approaches are to be altered:

Sarcoms as generally very aggressive tumours may get treatment on the fundamental
Cold-Burn level:
--- energy of Cold as untimate Gomo energy attributed for it's roots, and preferable treatment 
on Cold meridian is sedation of Gomo (roots), tone up Hetero (opposite energy)
--- energy of Burn is generally responsible for spreading so treatment is sedation of Hetero
(expansion, spreading) and tone up Gomo (contraction, calmness)
[One can do the same on Gomo (for roots) and Hetero (for spreading) meridians
on Gomo finger (malignant tumour)].

--- the type of tumours it forms, resembling fish flesh, means Dampness energy, while cancer as a rule 
forms dense tumours (energy of Cold)
--- that sarcomas appear more aggressive in general than cancer and prone to metastasise
earlier, also muscles system was the target - Wind energy
--- which means one can add treatment on Dampness and Wind meridians, to sedate the main points: Dampness and Wind respectively.
The resulting scheme:

A very fundamental scheme to use Triorigin healing for this case (primary tumour location, forearm):
No--->Ho--->Ho(layers system)--->Ne(muscles)--->Ne--->He(model type)--->Ne(extremities)--->
Ne(right arm)--->Ho(forearm):

--- joints 1,2,3,4 - position of points to target the sarcoma location, also shown is direction of needles,
perpendicular to all points

Treatment itself shown at bottom: 
--- done on all joints of middle finger including nail
--- both red points - fighting sarcoma roots, both blue points - taming spreading
--- other 2 points - one is at the same location as point 2 in sequence targeting sarcoma location 1,2,3,4, another is below the nail of middle finger as shown.

For self-treatment one can use natural crystals of the same colours 2-3 mm size taped onto points like discussed in this blog.

July 9, 2011

"Beating" cancer

Cancer is unique in certain aspects, just to mention:
--- it has acsess to all body energy sources
--- it's structures are well-protected from immune system
--- it can adapt and modify itself in response to treatment
One can't "beat" cancer as cancer cells are normally constantly produced by body.
The problem appears when they start to root and evolve into tumour which behaves as ultimate parasite,
which implies certain factors to make this possible.

Su-jok medicine attributes formation of dense structures to energy of Cold, which is also energy of forming, crystallization etc.
Thus to make tumour formation possible, the body energy should be seriously shifted to Yin state
as Cold is ultimate Yin energy.
This means, if one keeps his energies relatively balanced, cancer cells simply CAN'T develop
into tumour.
This right-away gives several approaches to keep one from shifting to too much Yin:
--- meals balanced by Yin-Yang, which was discussed in:
--- physical exercise as Yang factor
--- uptake of opposite energies like Heat, Burn which is easily done by heating basic energy points
by moxa cigars. Besides, basic energy points raise body energy in general which is indispensible
for treatment of serious conditions
--- keeping healthy emotional state, as Yin energies : Dampness, Dryness, Cold, relate to emotions: 
anxiety - Dampness; grief, depression - Dryness; fear - Cold.

Since cancer has formed, within main Yin energy it creates a Yang nucleus responsible for cancer's spreading. 
Cancer's cells produced by body don't have this quality.
This  also makes situation much more complex as those simple methods can no longer be expected to effectively prevent the process - simple raising of body Yang can support cancer's proliferation.
One needs methods which can target Yin and Yang aspects of cancer individually and
alternate them keeping both cancer aspects under control.

All this has been discussed separately earlier in this blog; the idea is to stress, beating cancer
is somewhat different from what takes place when fighting viruses or malaria parasites.

July 6, 2011

Autism case, evaluation

Below is a scheme based on the set of symptomes (basic, not covering all), 
the leading are:
--- organs of senses easily get overfilled by external information, which causes serious
psychological discomfort and even physical symptomes
--- one has troubles expressing himself.

The scheme uses "autoimmune" approach, to harmonize separate symptomes as energies, like:
--- rhinorea which can be targetted by the sequence:
Burn (brain)---> Wind (all organs of sence)--->Wind (sence of smell)
 --- the same sequence describes: Burn (nerv. system)--->Wind (mouth as physical chakra)--->Wind (motor function) which is difficulties in expressing oneself
--- it also describes overloaded sense of vision: Burn is main energy for sense of vision and Wind may be
the dynamic influence from outside.
(This again shows amazing versatility of Su-jok schemes, and that many different symptomes have the same roots):

the scheme in Spiral system, also easiest for
self-treatment if used on palm. 

It turned out, the energy disruptions picture is quite serious and resembles brain problems with physical structures affected, like mild stroke.
This indicates autism needs all spectrum of Su-jok tools to work on physical, emotional and mental levels, and regarded similarly serious as conditions which physically damage brain.