July 14, 2011

Emergency acupuncture for cyclists

The initial impact causing trauma starts "chain reactions", which is known in traumatology,
so erasing this harmful energy as quickly as possible can make big difference for how this trauma
will be healed later.
There are certain fast-working schemes like the schemes with points around nails which give effect 
in 15-20 sec.

Another fast-working scheme which in addition acts on fundamental level, is the "Royal" healing on Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai meridians in classic acupuncture, or Border meridians in Su-jok medicine:

the "integrated" scheme for heart/brain problems, currently
being used for a patient who had stroke status and later 
developed heart attack.

Points 1, 2', 3' can be used as emergency help right at the scene
for brain traumas, eye/face traumas, everything related to 

Similarly, treatment for back or chest region:

Sequence 1 targets sacrum (and coccyx), sequence
2  is for scapula region.

There are usually just 3 points to target the damaged area so this can be done quickly and "on the fly", when cyclist is riding beside the med. car.

There may be a problem:
--- cyclists are usually not used to acupuncture treatment
--- acupuncture uses the energy present in body and directs it to ailing area
--- this leaves a bit less energy for riding, but mental energies are also affected
--- this means, if one's not used to this, he may lose concentration at riding, which he most probably
may not notice as this acupuncture acts very smoothly and harmoniously.

This doesn't mean there can't be acupuncture on the fly, but one is to use other methods 
than needles, which allow careful dosing and also alter intensity, like combination of crystals 
taped onto points (basic action) and heating by moxa (dynamic action).

On the other hand, if one's having acu sessions regularly, he gets used to it, and no such problem
even when riding in rainy weather.

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