July 14, 2011

Tour de France 2011 crashes, Andreas Kloden

Regarding to his back injury, not knowing the exact trauma location, simple acupuncture by "needles"
in harmonization mode:

The scheme coves the area from Th-11 to coccyx.

One can:
--- mark the points by colour pen, colour for all points is
actually the same
--- make small holes in 3 pieces of med. tape and inserts
ANY plant thorns into
--- tape this perpendicular to skin first onto point 1, so that the tip of a thorn touches skin, then the same for points 2, in any order.

Of course the sufferer himself can use 2 points:
--- 1 and 2 for lower part towards coccyx
--- 1 and 2' for the upper part 

Plant thorns are to be kept like this for 20-30 min, then may be replaced by green crystals, 
for several hours up to 24 hours.

Striking feature of such acupuncture is, one not only doesn't need to insert needles deep in flesh,
but also prick the skin, nevertherless this is staff method to use plant needles in Su-jok

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