December 3, 2012

Inner boy-chakras, nephroblastoma case

Needles position, nephroblastoma case:

Needles grouping for 3-4 in a row indicate that whole sectors of a chakras are weakened, getting diffuse and not able to resist the disease, while usually this is single point which may finally turn to a hole.

This makes scheme aimed more on  spinning chakras to strengthen them, not just curing certain aspects of cancer relating to points:
--- Wind, Burn - spreading

--- Cold - main cancer's energy, strong pain
--- Dampness, Dryness - pain, fluids accumulation.


This may simplify the scheme to use SINGLE needle in a direction of spin shown by needles groups (chakras with 3-4 needles in a row):

though  it's better to adhere that cancer is too complex and dangerous for this approach.