April 21, 2012

Leukemia, all major types

There's been several posts on leukemia already in this blog.
One of general schemes to treat leukemia by Su-jok medicine is to target the needed blood cell 
via standard path to bone marrow in 8 Qi:

Heat--->Darkness (bone marrow)--->Light (haemopoetic system)--->the cell involved in cancerous process:

Each blood cell has it's own energy in this classification and points for each cell are located
around the nail of middle finger left hand marked by brown numbers:
--- 1 - Wind - monocytes
--- 2 - Heat - B-lymphocytes
--- 3 - Burn - T-lymphocytes
--- 4 - Light - erythrocytes
--- 5 - Dampness - neutrophyls
--- 6 - Dryness - basophyls
--- 7 - Cold - eosinophils
--- 8 - Darkness - thrombocytes and megakariocytes
This allows to target the cell involved in cancerous process by choosing the right point and going further to a specific finger to tone up/sedate energies shown as Treatment nail:

Treatment nail on Left hand:
 --- monocytes - little finger
--- B-lymphocytes - index finger 
--- T-lymphocytes - ring finger
Right hand
--- neutrophyls - little finger
 --- basophyls - index finger
--- eosinophils - ring finger
--- megakariocytes - middle finger
Erythrocytes - staying on the same middle finger left hand.

The final controlling point marked on Control nail is on thumb nail of the same hand
where is the finger for a needed blood cell.

This shows there's actually no difference in approach to treat leukemia of different origin in Su-jok.

Treatment by pairs of red/blue points was described earlier:
--- two red points - fighting main cancer energy
--- two blue points - taming cancer's spreading
which are alternated during this type of treatment to fight both aspects of cancer.
Colour of all points indicates exactly the colour of natural crystals to apply onto points as an option
for self-treatment.