January 29, 2012

Triorigin schemes, muscular dystrophy

General scheme aimed on muscular system:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-Ne: No (loss of function) sedate, Ho (dystrophy) sedate, He (opposite energy)
tone up, Ne tone up:


--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- lines show needles direction

right hand, chronic case (lasting more than 1 year).

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,7
--- red - 4,5
--- white - 3,6
Also, may be simple moxibustion of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min. 

Splenic rupture, emergency scheme

Proposed scheme based on how it works on traumas:

Border meridians allow very fast and at the same time fundamental action.

The meridian is divided subsequently in halves:
--- brown lines - needles direction
--- last needle 4 is at 30-35* to horizontal at the point.

Scheme on every finger; may be done on 2 fingers:
--- little finger right hand - finger of Dampness, spleen
--- ring finger right hand - finger of Cold, trauma energy
for emergency cases right at the scene of accident one may use ring finger left hand 
as it corresponds to energy of rupture, Burn.
After session with needles one may have longer action with natural crystals of the same colours 
taped on.

Triorigin schemes, splenic rupture

No-Ho-Ne-Ho-No-Ho-Ne-Ne: He (disintegration) sedate, Ho (opposite energy) tone up,
No tone up, Ne tone up 

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- lines show needles direction

left hand, acute case.
Point 8 - needle also perpendicular.