October 31, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 12

Session 12, Oct 28.
1. Triorigin scheme as described earlier:

2. Scheme by Time Energies in full version:

--- Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up, Neitro tone up, Neito control, joints A and B.

The patient in 5 min felt "all his problems gone as if he's not having diabetes", which is the way Time Energies work, eliminating the problem "at level of information".

Later this day he began experiencing loss of energy so far much more energy got involved in

This was the reason schemes on Time Energies have been done so far in Open Point mode
which harmonizes one's state otherwise he'd have been experiencing such energy swings 
regularly which is not good as he works full-time.

3. Outer chakras: a scheme added to restore External Heat chakra:

he felt the same strong flow of energy coming in, as was for schemes on Core meridians:

This was recommened as self-treatment by crystals.

4. Local scheme for pancreas:

5. Core meridians tested and a scheme done on meridian marked green:

Later this day he began experiencing serious energy dropping which lasted to the midday of next day.
As this began at 20.00 this involves energy of Dryness in Internal Time Cycles:
--- 18.00 - 20.00 - period of Yang-Dryness, colon, skin, hair
--- 20.00 - 22.00 - Yin-Dryness, lungs.
he was adviced to massage lungs zone, seen on the image for Local scheme for pancreas.

He told of having more energy but still little; he's been doing massage for lungs zones.
During the day he experienced steady dropping of sugar level, he was eating constantly but sugar level
retained on 4.0.

Energy seemingly on the same level.
A scheme was sent to him to work on lungs in Triorigin joints scheme:

Diabetes I type case, in details, sugar levels

After session 12 on Oct 28:
Oct 29 - 11.2
Oct 30 - 10.2 in the morning then dropped to 4.0 and the whole day he was experiencing  hypoglycemia;
was eating constantly but sugar level was not rising.
Oct 31 - 15.0 probably as a result of yesterday's efforts to raise sugar level.

He's having 10 units of long-acting insulin twice a day and 8-10 of fast-acting.