October 23, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 10

The days before session 10 the patient decided to further drop insulin doses as he was
feeling some hypoglycemia.
For session 10 fundamental Triorigin scheme was replaced by a scheme in 8 Qi
--- helps broaden the action since Triorigin schemes work on the deepest (anatomically) level of
the bones and bones facsia while schemes in 8 Qi work closest to surface
--- the action is the same fundamental
The scheme also used autoimmune approach, with incorporated sequence to prevent 
destruction of beta-cells membranes, similar to fighting aniphospholipid syndrome:

If Triorigin schemes work was not felt in details by patient, for schemes in 8 Qi he clearly felt 
the energy flow mostly on his back and his state was changing from physical and emotional uplift
to being almost flat.

Work on Core meridians was continued with meridians:

the scheme the same as before:

Every time scheme on core meridians is being done,
the patient feels strong flow of energy coming inside
giving much more energy regardless of what schemes
were used in a session before this.

Sugar levels:
18.10.11 - 6.0
19.10.11 - 7.2
20.10.11 - 13.5 (after a meal for hypoglycemia)

He's now having 14 + 14 units of long-acting insulin and 10-12 units of fast-acting insulin, and it seems 
the doses can be dropped more.

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