October 18, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, sessions 7,8,9

The schemes in use were essentially the same as for session 6, with
--- variations for scheme for Core meridians:


variants of choice for Core meridians (most frequently used)
with the same healing scheme:
--- sedation of Dryness - light blue points
--- toning up Wind - green point in the midle
--- sedation of cold and toning up Burn - blue points

--- of chakral treatment, today (session 9) only chakras of Dryness and Wind were used
compared to treatment on 4 chakras for sessions 5-8:

In general the patient looks and behaves very different, to better, than at the beginning of the treatment:
---skin rush almost left arms and front of trunk, 1/3 of former amount staying on the back
--- much more physical strength, recently was able to carry 30kg packages which was
impossible at the beginning of treatment
--- emotional state has stabilised on positive note and no alterations during a day
--- former psychological problems almost totally disappeared, he's very communicative, doesn't forget
things and enthusiastic for more self-treatment.

Sugar levels are within 4-9 mmol/l with:
--- 15 units of long-acting insulin twice a day
--- 10 units of fast-acting insulin