July 26, 2011

Root Canals and Breast Cancer, Su-jok evaluation


This source links the root canals to breast cancer regarding to it being a source of bacteria,
microbes and toxins from inside the tooth, which can leak into body and cause infections and other
health problems, including cancer.
It is stated to be confirmed by checking the records of 150 breats cancer patients treated in the Paracelsus
Clinic in Switzerland.

The energy mapping gives the energy path to teeth:
Dampness (stomach system)--->Wind (mouth)--->Cold ("bones" in mouth i.e. teeth)--->
Cold (the lowest/deepest part i.e. roots)

Direct energy mapping to locate breasts in the same system:
Wind (between neck and diaphragm)---> Dampness ( location of breasts in vertical mapping--->Cold (the frontal area of breasts within red vertical lines) the similarity is about 100%.

--- breasts are especially rich in lymph. paths and lymphatic system is controlled by energy of 
--- cancer's basic energy is Cold

With such clear matching for energy sequences this easily explains the observed phenomena or at least
shows this is possible.
This can also show more regions which can be affected similar way:
--- starting with Wind: liver/gall bladder
--- starting with Dampness: stomach, pancreas, spleen
--- staring with Cold: bones, kidneys, bladder.
for the latter:
--- region of 3/6-4/6 length of left foot/left hand for men
--- or, kidneys, 2/6-3/6 height, 3/6-4/6 deep.