December 18, 2012

Poorly healing fractures, blood vessels network

In case of poor blood supply to the fracture location the bone ends may die to hamper the healing of the fracture (aseptic necrosis).

To promote blood supply to the fracture location, for example, in case of hip fracture:
Cold--->X (location of fracture)--->Heat--->Heat: Ho sedate, He tone up,

for both men and women.

Poorly healing fractures

The problem may seriously endanger a pro athlete career to terminate it especially serious cases.
Weakened immune system, older age and improper treatment may complicate healing of a fracture resulting in various problems.
Evaluation of poorly healing accompanied by bacterial infection which involves pathogenic energies also
common for other types of injuries: poorly healing gunshot wounds etc:

--- inflammation - Heat
--- swelling, matter accumulation - Dampness
--- energy behind the pathogenic microorganisms, pain - Cold

which gives a Crossing Constitution of Heat, Dampness and Cold excess, which implies sedating those and toning up Dryness, Wind and Burn

One gets the energy path to trauma location by:
Cold ( bones)--->X
where X is determined by energy mapping for bones:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat 
--- ribs - Burn
--- cranium - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- pelvis - Cold
--- spinal column - Darkness

the full scheme for a fraction anywhere in right leg is:
Cold (bones)--->Dryness (right leg): Heat, Dampness, Cold sedate, Wind, Burn, Dryness tone up

There is classification for extremities:
--- foot - Wind
--- shin - Heat
--- hip - Burn
--- hip - Dampness
--- shin -Dryness
--- foot - Cold, for women in pubertate age is is reversed: right foot-Wind--->...---> left foot - Cold

The hip bone can be divided further into sections corresponding to energies, which concentrates healing energy in the fracture location. 

Posterior vitreous detachment case

To expand the vitreous gel which gets shrinking:

 left hand, acute case

To manage retina detachment and tears if this takes place, toning up Ho and No:

toning up Ho and No for strongest action in case of rapidly developing problem; for ordinary cases there may be enough to have just He sedate, Ho tone up,
black point removed. 

The same in Nails system:

The schemes were composed for a case of rapidly developing problem (a big black spot hampering vision) in 6 days.
The first scheme in such case may need toning up Darkness as universal calming energy:

The same in Triorigin:

The scheme in Time Energies referring to the date the problem has appeared:

November 18.
The scheme may be done for self-treatment:
all needles/moxibustion perpendicular to points.