December 18, 2012

Poorly healing fractures

The problem may seriously endanger a pro athlete career to terminate it especially serious cases.
Weakened immune system, older age and improper treatment may complicate healing of a fracture resulting in various problems.
Evaluation of poorly healing accompanied by bacterial infection which involves pathogenic energies also
common for other types of injuries: poorly healing gunshot wounds etc:

--- inflammation - Heat
--- swelling, matter accumulation - Dampness
--- energy behind the pathogenic microorganisms, pain - Cold

which gives a Crossing Constitution of Heat, Dampness and Cold excess, which implies sedating those and toning up Dryness, Wind and Burn

One gets the energy path to trauma location by:
Cold ( bones)--->X
where X is determined by energy mapping for bones:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat 
--- ribs - Burn
--- cranium - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- pelvis - Cold
--- spinal column - Darkness

the full scheme for a fraction anywhere in right leg is:
Cold (bones)--->Dryness (right leg): Heat, Dampness, Cold sedate, Wind, Burn, Dryness tone up

There is classification for extremities:
--- foot - Wind
--- shin - Heat
--- hip - Burn
--- hip - Dampness
--- shin -Dryness
--- foot - Cold, for women in pubertate age is is reversed: right foot-Wind--->...---> left foot - Cold

The hip bone can be divided further into sections corresponding to energies, which concentrates healing energy in the fracture location. 

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