December 18, 2012

Posterior vitreous detachment case

To expand the vitreous gel which gets shrinking:

 left hand, acute case

To manage retina detachment and tears if this takes place, toning up Ho and No:

toning up Ho and No for strongest action in case of rapidly developing problem; for ordinary cases there may be enough to have just He sedate, Ho tone up,
black point removed. 

The same in Nails system:

The schemes were composed for a case of rapidly developing problem (a big black spot hampering vision) in 6 days.
The first scheme in such case may need toning up Darkness as universal calming energy:

The same in Triorigin:

The scheme in Time Energies referring to the date the problem has appeared:

November 18.
The scheme may be done for self-treatment:
all needles/moxibustion perpendicular to points.


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