June 13, 2012

Hemolytic anemia

Destruction of red blood cells due to various reasons.

The scheme in 8 Qi via standard path to blood cells pool:
Heat--->Darkness--->Light (blood cells pool)--->Light (erythrocytes): Light sedate, Darkness tone up
or in Triorigin: He (destruction) sedate, Ho (opposite energy) tone up, Ne, No control:

points 3 and 6 refer to the same point used 2 times.

Extended to include Burn or Light as separate energy for breakdown of red blood cells:
Heat--->Darkness--->Light--->Light--->Burn or Light (breakdown): He sedate, Ho tone up:

the scheme differs in additional point in the same location, i.e. point 3,4,7 used 3 times.
Needles direction:
--- perpendicular to all green points
--- for points 5 and 6 is shown by brown lines
--- 2 or 3 needles in the same point for 3,6 and 3,4,7.
The same needles direction for the first scheme.
The schemes may be used for self-treatment:
--- marking points by colour pen in the same colours
--- taping natural crystals size 2-3 of the same colour onto points, by thin medicine tape
--- heating the points by 3 incense sticks tied together, perpendicular to all points, in a sequence,   
at comfortable distance to have constant pleasant flow of warmth,
each point for 1 min. 
Point marked 3,6 and 3,4,7 is heated 2 and 3 times respectively. 
Heating may be done for points themselves or after having taped the crystals - right through 
the tape.