April 30, 2011

Heart attack

There's already been info on heart attack origin related to aterosclerosis in:

Considering the same energy behind as for cancer, scheme for Cold energy:
Heat (circulation system)--->Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Wind (muscle, myocardium):
Cold and Dryness sedate, Burn tone up, Light control

scheme in Triorigin

For self-treatment one can mark the points by colours shown on the pic, tape natural crystals
of the same colours onto, more has been described in the blog.

Essential: this scheme is oriented on developed Cold state, several hours to several days since 
the moment of heart attack and further on, thus suitable for self-treatment.
To help right at the scene first minutes to several hours there can be an emergency scheme 
aimed on general strike of harmful energy:

This in fact is the same as dealing with gunshot wounds
 (post on Gabrielle Giffords's case):

There are 2 black points 3 and 3' as options
to choose for this scheme.

Such scheme can ease heart attack severity in seconds
in hands of professional, which can make a big difference
for the future course of the disease.

April 20, 2011

Astma, autoimmune concept

This is really promising for the results got in a study in progress, general idea is the same 
as described in:
Both paths via B-lymphocytes and the "blood stem cells" megakariocytes work.
First is actually a "translation" into Su-jok of a mechanism described for astma, where:
--- T-lymphocytes excret specific cytokines which activate eosynophills and production of IgE
by B-lymphocytes
--- IgE activate mast cells which release mediators like histamin, cycteine leikotriens, PGH D2
finally causing bronchospasm.

That the same works OK through megakariocytes path has Su-jok explanation as Darkness energy
indicates severe and potential life-threatening energy behind the disease.
Or this may be nature of Spiral systems in which work is being done, because of their ability to correct 
and adapt, even offering "better solutions" than the scheme actually being implemented (additional meridians swiched on without any special action).

April 18, 2011

Metastatic cancer II

1.General approach to treat widely metastatic cancer may be working on pair of Cold and Burn chakras+meridians, which covers whole body.
So far cancer itself is disease of fundamental Cold-Burn level, treatment for metastatic cancer is to be extended to or performed on Light-Darkness meridians.
--- "linear approach": composing acu recipe to follow the path cancer has developed, like:
colon--->liver--->lungs : Dryness--->Wind--->Dryness
--- one may gather the involved energies individually: Wind, Dryness.
both to be combined for best effect.
 It's essential to use both meridians and chakras system, which battles cancer via Hetero (meridians)
and Gomo (chakras) path.

4. There is method working regardless of cancer's stage because it doesn't aim on cancer itself, 
but on it's origin and mechanisms of it's feeding: treatment by emotional energies. If succesful, this destroys it's very basement and makes cancer structures crumbling.
One may work on chakras/meridians, or use a special scheme for "22 psycho-emotional states" (too complex to discuss).
Moxibustion on boyl-chakras appears very effective probably because of combination of Gomo (boyl-chakras system) and Hetero - heat flow from moxa cigar.

5. Healing by Time Energies stays universal and applicable for any cancer case at any stage.

6. Treatment in "local systems" for various cancer locations especially where the process is
most active:

7. Very essential is basic energy points heating for the patient to constantly gain more energy.

April 17, 2011

Metastatic cancer

Cancer since metastasing enters the Burn phase based on Su-jok medicine classification:
In fact, there are already 4 stages ahead based on the leading energy:
--- Burn
--- Dampness
--- Dryness
--- Cold
This may shed light on why for certain cases of metastatic cancer one may have cancer spread all over the body yet it is being treated even by "simple-kill" methods like radiation or chemotherapy.
On the other hand, there may be just a couple of tiny tumours, but inaccessible to conventional

Essential thing seems to be balance between energy in posession of body and energy already 
in posession of cancer:
--- if one's energy still exceeds cancer's energy, it will likely be curable no matter now much cancer
has already developed
--- if one's energy is less than posessed by cancer, it's likely to become poorly reacting or resistant to
standard methods
--- if cancer additionally has done critical damage to body energy, it seems to become terminal.
The latter means, there is one or more energy centres got ripped so that energy leaves body unstopped,
and it's also an open door to secondary infections which body can't resist.

So the main problem stays the same:
--- collecting every drop of energy day by day
--- protecting it from getting to cancer's posession
--- using it at favourable moments to create max. damage to cancer - the posts on
best time intervals for treatment
--- at the same time leaving enough energy to protect and restore areas cancer has already damaged.

So if the treatment is succesful:
--- when energy holes are essentially repaired, cancer from terminal becomes "incurable"
--- when patient's energy exceeds energy in cancer's posession, cancer becomes "miraculously"
again responding to chemotherapy for example.

April 10, 2011

Diabetes, type 1, best time for treatment

Depending on the energies to consider for diabetes, there can be different time intervals.
Variant oriented on more severe case (Cold energy is considered like in case of cancer):
24.19.48 - 24.26.24

Warning: the time intervals given in this blog are determined by Su-jok medicine evaluation,
and may not work the same for classic Chinese acupuncture.
However, the body energy system stays the same so there should be better effect anyway.

April 6, 2011

Diabetes, glaukoma and cataract

A person with a history of glaukoma and cataract and general overweight, high blood pressure+ kidneys troubles, has later developed diabetes.
The energy sequences for individual diseases:
--- cataract:
Burn--->(Wind--->Burn): Cold excess
--- glaukoma:
Burn--->(Wind--->Burn): Burn/Dampness excess
--- high blood pressure:
Heat: Dryness and Cold excess which narrow blood vessels
--- kidneys: 
Cold energy
--- overweight:

The energy sequence for diabetes:
Burn--->Dampness--->Dampness: Dryness, Cold excess:
it's seen, almost all energies for previous diseases have combined in a sequence 
for diabetes.

April 4, 2011

Diabetes, autoimmune concept in acu scheme

So far diabetes is considered to have autoimmune origin, this may give certain type of schemes 
to reclaim order in immune system work.
This may likely be done on involved structures: immune system and pancreas, insulin-production cells,
linking them through main Light or Neitro meridian.
The study is in progress, however this may have wider application, for example, for transplantation 

It's not improbable that Dryness energy which is destructive in standard schemes, creating shortage 
of insulin production, will prove healing in this type of scheme for the same disease, as Dryness is 
responsible for structurising processes.

Another promising approach is the same what's been posted earlier, "long-chain" schemes:

April 3, 2011

Diabetes case, chronopuncture

A scheme based on the moment a diabetes sufferer has slipped into coma,
March 29:

Points are in the  middle on joints lines like
on the pic, size 2-3 mm.

The scheme is simple and safe enough to allow self-treatment on professional level:
--- heating the points in a sequence, this is critical,
by 2-3 incense sticks tied together or a special moxa cigar, holding it perpendicular to points at comfortable distance for pleasant flow of heat.

Each point heated for 30 sec to 2 min, start with 30 sec.
One may as usual do standard self-treatment:
--- tape green natural crystals size 2-3 mm onto for o.5 to several hours up to next day
--- or tape green or black plant seeds like lentils or black pepper grains.
Blackseed is especially effective, 2-3 as a cluster onto each point.
Good idea to heat the points as described then tape crystals or seeds, or even first tape crystals 
or seeds then heat them on points.

If combine such scheme with the one for current day, this can help in most serious cases.

April 2, 2011

Diabetes, type 1, easy scheme

Easy-to-use self-treatment scheme.
Serious diabetes case may be regarded as even more cruel condition than cancer, because cancer
is Gomo = Cold disease speaking of it's root energy, however diabetes may be rendered a quality of Neitro-disease (together with certain types of incorrect heart beating and more).

In breif, Gomo=Yin and Hetero=Yang are "natural" energies for disease so far all diseases are classified 
as Yin or Yang type in classic Chinese medicine.
Su-jok medicine broadens this adding Neitro (and Neito) forces, and it's Neitro force which has natural power to bring Yin and Yang in harmony.
Diabetes is also Gomo = Yin disease as the main harmful energies are Dryness and Cold, but it strikes endocrinal system which is Neitro.
Besides, being considered as autoimmune disease, it also relates to Neitro energy.
Thus if the energy which is universal healer is affected, this may be worse than Yin-Yang imbalance 
and also means healing of diabetes may be more complex than "average" cancer.

The general scheme:
Dampness--->Dampness: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up

points are on joints line, view from top
of fingers!

--- massaging points in a sequence by smth like a round tip of pencil
--- tape natural crystals of the same colour onto points
--- or red and green plant seeds like carrot seed or 
guelder rose and lentils.

This scheme is given in Spiral system horizontal meridians (chronic case) and is most safe.

Professional treatment should involve boyl-chakras as Gomo-component of energy system, besides, there may be individual schemes for diabetes complications like ulcers, retinopathia etc.
It's possible to combine several such schemes into one in Spiral System like was given for cancer.
Time Energies treatment is the same valuable as for other diseases and maybe more, considering the nature
of Time Energies.

April 1, 2011

Esophagial cancer, best treatment time

Evaluation similar to the previously discussed:
--- for non-metastatic case, 6 min interval: 24.46.36 - 24.52.42
For metastatic cancer this interval will be narrowed further.