April 18, 2011

Metastatic cancer II

1.General approach to treat widely metastatic cancer may be working on pair of Cold and Burn chakras+meridians, which covers whole body.
So far cancer itself is disease of fundamental Cold-Burn level, treatment for metastatic cancer is to be extended to or performed on Light-Darkness meridians.
--- "linear approach": composing acu recipe to follow the path cancer has developed, like:
colon--->liver--->lungs : Dryness--->Wind--->Dryness
--- one may gather the involved energies individually: Wind, Dryness.
both to be combined for best effect.
 It's essential to use both meridians and chakras system, which battles cancer via Hetero (meridians)
and Gomo (chakras) path.

4. There is method working regardless of cancer's stage because it doesn't aim on cancer itself, 
but on it's origin and mechanisms of it's feeding: treatment by emotional energies. If succesful, this destroys it's very basement and makes cancer structures crumbling.
One may work on chakras/meridians, or use a special scheme for "22 psycho-emotional states" (too complex to discuss).
Moxibustion on boyl-chakras appears very effective probably because of combination of Gomo (boyl-chakras system) and Hetero - heat flow from moxa cigar.

5. Healing by Time Energies stays universal and applicable for any cancer case at any stage.

6. Treatment in "local systems" for various cancer locations especially where the process is
most active:

7. Very essential is basic energy points heating for the patient to constantly gain more energy.

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