April 17, 2011

Metastatic cancer

Cancer since metastasing enters the Burn phase based on Su-jok medicine classification:
In fact, there are already 4 stages ahead based on the leading energy:
--- Burn
--- Dampness
--- Dryness
--- Cold
This may shed light on why for certain cases of metastatic cancer one may have cancer spread all over the body yet it is being treated even by "simple-kill" methods like radiation or chemotherapy.
On the other hand, there may be just a couple of tiny tumours, but inaccessible to conventional

Essential thing seems to be balance between energy in posession of body and energy already 
in posession of cancer:
--- if one's energy still exceeds cancer's energy, it will likely be curable no matter now much cancer
has already developed
--- if one's energy is less than posessed by cancer, it's likely to become poorly reacting or resistant to
standard methods
--- if cancer additionally has done critical damage to body energy, it seems to become terminal.
The latter means, there is one or more energy centres got ripped so that energy leaves body unstopped,
and it's also an open door to secondary infections which body can't resist.

So the main problem stays the same:
--- collecting every drop of energy day by day
--- protecting it from getting to cancer's posession
--- using it at favourable moments to create max. damage to cancer - the posts on
best time intervals for treatment
--- at the same time leaving enough energy to protect and restore areas cancer has already damaged.

So if the treatment is succesful:
--- when energy holes are essentially repaired, cancer from terminal becomes "incurable"
--- when patient's energy exceeds energy in cancer's posession, cancer becomes "miraculously"
again responding to chemotherapy for example.

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