November 22, 2009

Cancer stages in Su-jok acupuncture

 Cancer goes through phases similar to those known in Western medicine:

1. Wind - formation of the tumour and initial growth
2. Heat - rapid growth, body temperature may raise, minor bleeding
3. Burn - sense of discomfort at the tumour location, bleeding may grow,
4. Dampness - sense of heaviness, the moment the pain appears
5. Dryness - rapid weight loss, pain becomes strong
6. Cold - the last stage, constant, maybe unbearable pains.

The classification allows to determine the cancer stage in terms of energies, which
gives the acupuncture recipe for every stage. 

1.Cancer at it roots is Cold disease, which remains the same through
the whole process.
For liver cancer: Wind (liver energy): Cold (cancer energy) sedate, Burn 
(opposite energy)  tone up.

2. Cancer's spreading has it opposite: Wind (liver): Burn (spreading) sedate, Cold tone up 

3. Suppose at the moment cancer is on Dryness stage.
For liver cancer: Wind: Dryness sedate, Heat tone up. 

Combining the above allows to both to fight it at it's roots/spreading and at a particular stage 
the disease is at the moment.

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