November 21, 2009

Lance Armstrong collarbone, acu schemes

There's been developed several healing acu schemes for Lance Armstrong, during
Tour de France, to support his recovery of the collarbone fracture he had had
in May.
Detailed description of acu treatment:

1. Basic energy points for his case:


2. Guidance to acupuncture and work in local systems:
First is the reflex zone for the collarbone:

One marks the fracture location and works the cigarette from either side along the bone to this point ("concentrating" the vital force there), which will at least promote curculation there.

Also, several acupuncture schemes for the collarbone:

General - healing of trauma
structural - accent on restoring the structural integrity of the bone
functional - promoting functional activity i.e. curculation in the bone.
 General scheme:



The points are touching the nail from outside (their pink edge), going around at 45 degrees to each other, size 2-3 mm; marked + massaged on all specified fingers in the sequence by the numbers near the points, it's vital to not confuse the fingers!
Marking the points by felt-tip pen in colours shown on the pics is the mildest and safest acupuncture mode (good for children) but not working strong enough for adults.
Works stronger if also massage the points for several minutes in the same order by smth like round tip of a pencil, one or several points
may appear more painful, so more massage to them.
One may have them marked as long as he wants, and massage as frequently as he wants.

Full potential is with acupuncture needles or moxibustion - heating by a cigarette (the special ones sold in acupuncture shops, but the usual tobacco works also)
Won't recommend the first for self-treatment, but the latter is possible, at least rather safe, if just heat all the points in a sequence. One may even try the full-scope treatment i.e. tone up the points by working the cigarette clock-wise in some 2-2.5 cm to the point, and sedate i.e. anticlockwise, and fixed cigarette for the green points.

You use one scheme at a day; change schemes like today the general one, next day N1 of special, next day N2 etc.
Or do each scheme for 3 days – according to the feelings.

Numbers marked red for points to tone up, blue to sedate, "neutral" = green points are numbered in violet.

Additionally, healing for the collarbone in “local” system:

This is to draw a circle 5-10 mm in size with the centre
in the fracture spot on the reflex path for the collarbone (green strip).
The points for acupuncture are mapped assuming that vertical axis is on the collarbone path.
The points for acupuncture to tone up and sedate are marked red and blue as previous.
They got too small for moxibustion so the option is to heat the cirle zones, 3 for tone up, the left violet arrow, and 2 to sedate – the right arrow, working in 2-2.5 cm above the skin until a pleasant warmth sensation."

The schemes on nails are fast-working and easy-to-use schemes with points
at equal distance/angles to each other, in this case for 8 Qi system at 45* to
each other.
Besides probably the fastest-working, they are specially used for endocrinal
diseases as nails meridians are Neitro-meridians in Spiral system of fingers and
endocrinal glands are Neitro-organs in Triorigin classification.

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