November 21, 2009

Mapping of brain

One of basic principles of Su-jok acupuncture is mapping of
organs on remote easy to acsess parts like palm, foot, ear, nails etc due
to the fundamental Law of Correspondence which determines the reflex paths
between any inner structure/organ and the perifery like arms, fingers.

Thus it's possible to have detailed maps of body organs (revision of most
widely used schemes to follow), for example, mapping of human head,
on the palm:

This gives unique opportunity to access virtually every brain structure unit inside
where the pathogenic process occurs (some locations are shown on the pic, the area marked
green is the optic nerve path).
So for healing this is in many ways the same as having the cranium open at the surgery table,
with absolutely no danger to the patient, with no time limit for action, ability to address the 
structure of interest any time etc!

For example, one can perform urgent life-saving actions for brain trauma right at the accident
location long before the victum will have been transported to the clinic.

Such schemes and the meridians/points work in different ways (more in next posts).
However here's an approach to heal on the map by acupuncture via "local system",
usually at the location of damage or pathogenic process like cancer.

One of possible schemes for optic nerve degeneration (used myself), the position
of the curcle is the location of damage derived from the brain scan results:

Cold sedation (blue), Wind, Burn tone up(red), Light (green) control.

Just remind, this is on the patient's palm!

The points on the curcle work like those on the meridians
for all type of actions like needles, crystals, moxibition,
laser beam irradiation etc.

One can also apply medicine for the case right inside the curcle
taping it on the skin, which will work quite the same as if the drug administered right in the brain to the location.

Reflex zone for brain is also on the whole surface of first phalange of thumb which gives access for the brain from all sides.

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