November 16, 2009

When chemo drugs can do good

According to the general principle, any drug/medicine/remedy work the same way
applied onto the acu points and the zones, i.e. nitroglycerin containing tablets
for stenocardia on the heart zone.

This has proven for a variety of conditions and the chemo drugs known to do a
lot of harm applied through a bloodstream or similar method, may appear
rather harmless and working much more focused if used by a small portions fixed onto
the skin at the needed acu points.
The total amount of chemo drug in this method will certainly be much smaller and it's destructive
potential will be confined to the area of treatment (for local treatment).

One of places for application for
liver cancer.

Organ or area can be found from general Su-jok Correspondence schemes:


finger, exists on every finger (except thumb where it is different).

Universal finger for cancer:
ring finger right hand

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