November 14, 2009

Acupuncture for animals

Both spiral systems (according to my experience) also present in animals,
which gives virtiually the same healing power to cure animals the Su-jok provides
for humans.
As cancer is not less common for them and cancer treatment for animals seems less
developed, use of spiral and other Su-jok schemes can make a big

General approach stays the same: use of concentric spirals for chronic deep-rooting diseases,
on the paws pads, and cylindrical spiral system for the forearm or shoulder, the later seems
the most comfortable and easy to do as the forearm may be fixed without troubles for the
animal and the points are generally at comfortable distance even for a small pets like guinea pigs.

The scheme has vertical&horisontal meridians marked
green and spiral meridians violet.
The Triorigin Cylindrical Spiral System:
(Neitro)--->Neito--->Hetero---> Gomo---> Neitro.
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