November 12, 2009

Spiral Energy systems types

Spiral systems types as they occur in the body:
 1.On round zones like head, abdomen, palms, breasts one can found
a Concentric Spiral meridians Systems:

2. On forearms, fingers, neck and the like there are Cylindrical Spiral meridians

Both types are very effective for treatment (more in previous posts); concentric type
are the choice for deep-rooting, chronic, located deep in the body conditions, while
the cylindrical spiral systems are generally aimed at acute, located on periphery conditions,
like fast-developing brain haemorrage a result of car accident.
This is not a strict rule, as there's been an acute case of aplastic anemia  in my practice,
which has been treated in concentric spiral system on the palms and worked very well,
though the same acu recipe done on cylindrical spiral system on fingers phalange worked
somewhat faster.

There are many ways to choose the location for the spiral system for a particular case,
based on Triorigin body clasification, or 6 Qi energies:

1 - Wind: meridians of left calf or middle phalange of
middle finger left hand
2 - Heat: meridians of left forearm or middle phalange
of index finger left hand
3 - Burn: left-spinned meridians of the neck or the
first phalange of the thumb
4 - Dampness: like in 3 but right-spinned meridians
5 - Dryness: meridians of right forearm or middle phalange
of ring finger left hand
6 - Cold: meridians of right calf or middle phalange of
little finger left hand

The location may match the actual location of the disease, like in case of
abdomen disorders or breast cancer, spiral system on the breast:

Another way to choose meridians location, on the fingers according to the energy
of the organ affected or the energy of disease in 8 Qi classification, for example:
---  Wind - liver and gall bladder - the Wind finger, the little finger left hand
---  for Cold diseases - cancer - ring finger of right hand
i.e. may be a specific finger for all cancer cases.

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