February 26, 2011

Breast Cancer treatment to lead to hip fracture - Su-jok evaluation

Evaluation in Su-jok:

--- breasts are especially rich in lymph nodes
--- lymphatic system is controlled by Dampness energy
--- breast cancer is known to often metastasise in abdomen area, controlled by
--- Dampness energy also controls both hips in Space Energies 

The observations were made on women in their early 50-th and 4 of them received treatment to block production of estrogen.
As hormones generally have energy of Burn=Yang, this:
--- can be helpful to fight cancer's spreading as it is mostly powered by energy of Burn
--- on the other hand, this raises energy of Cold, the root cancer's energy.

Growing Cold on functional level is degenerative processes and loss of function.
The problem is, main energy of Cold governs bones.
So a combination of harmful factors:
--- caused degenerative process in bones
--- breast cancer directed this to the Dampness controlled bones - 

Colon cancer metastatic in liver and pelvis region

Schemes of the same type as posted in:

 Tracking down cancer's path.
Points show options for treatment, more details in previous posts.

Tackling affected places altogether.

Schemes are made for both right and left hand
(different direction of spirals)

Light-Darkness schemes to focus on either location:

general for region of colon+pelvis

Closer to location of colon tumour

 liver region

with more focus on pelvis.
Also bladder, so far it is A-(Yang)-Cold and metastasising is taking place in bones:
--- which are controlled by energy of Cold
--- metastasising is Yang process 

So far metastasising has also energy of Wind behind: Wind is spreading, dissimination and similar, useful  energy sequence: 
Cold (main cancer's energy)--->Cold (bones)--->Dryness or Cold (pelvis bones)--->Wind 
to tame cancer's spreading there:

February 25, 2011

Eye cancers, optimal treatment time

Eyes in general are controlled by energy of Burn which gives a time interval for treatment:
--- 10.00 -14.00 local time
12.00 - 14.00 closer matching brain
which uses the Internal Time Energy Cycle considering cancer is Yin disease.
For especially aggressive cancer one is also take into account the period of Wind energy which:
--- launches cancer's proliferation
--- is present in energy sequence for eyes: Burn--->Wind--->Burn
Wind period is 2.00 AM - 6.00 AM
--- if one also has any trouble with gall bladder, this is 100% indication for time period 2.00 AM - 4.00 AM
--- if one has liver problems, this indicates 4.00 - 6.00 period. 

So far eyes are located more externally and face/head cancers are usually aggressive - head is controlled by energy of Burn, one may also use the 12 meridians periods from classic Chinese medicine, 
also used in Su-jok:
--- gall bladder: 23 - 1 AM
--- liver: 1 AM - 3 AM

February 24, 2011

Uveal melanoma: choroidal melanoma

3. Choroidal melanoma:

There may also be Spiral scheme like in previous post, with just 1 point different.

Light-Darkness scheme for eyes region described earlier can also be used:

For uveal melanoma metastasising in liver which is referred to have 50% expectancy in 15 years since treatment of primary tumour, is easily explainable since eyes are controlled by energy of Wind in classic Chinese medicine, and it also controlls liver+gall bladder.
Su-jok extends this linking vision to nerv. system, energy of Burn.

February 23, 2011

Uveal melanoma, ciliary body

2. Ciliary body melanoma:
This scheme focuses energy in ciliary body.
Treatment was described in previous

Another type of scheme with more general action:

This scheme describes variants to tame cancer's proliferation, also if cancer has 

February 22, 2011

Uveal melanoma

This type of cancer is direct threat to one's vision so far eye removal is not uncommon (and subsequent metastasing in liver is also a serious threat).
Su-jok medicine schemes for the uvea region:

1. Iris melanoma:

Treatment of points in sequence:
--- point 1, then point 2, then return
to ring finger where point 1 is treated
one more time (second needle, second time heating), then again to little finger.

Treatment in general:
--- to fight cancer at it's roots, 2 red points
--- to tame it's proliferation, 2 blue points in the same location
 For taping natural stones, one has points 1 and 3 as 1 point to tape a green crystal on. 

The Light-Darkness scheme stays generally applicable:

Both types of schemes: Nails System, previous, and this, allow very fast action however the latter operates on most fundamental level
(Diamond Energy System) working very fast at the same time
(option for emergency help for eyes traumas).

Points 1 and 2 direct action to eyes region.
Different colours for point 3 show options for:
--- sedation - taming cancer's spreading - dark point
--- harmonization - balancing energies in the area - green point
May be used to correct main treatment and between main sessions
of sedation and toning up
--- tone up - fighting cancer at it's roots - violet point


Schemes for ciliary body melanoma and choroidal melanoma in next 2 posts.

February 21, 2011

Retinoblastoma II

Generally retinoblastoma is to be expected a very aggressive type of cancer since energy sequence for it consists exclusively by both energies responsible for cancer's spreading - Burn and Wind 
and Burn is repeated 3 times (which may be expected for brain and pancreatic cancer).


General scheme from retina mapping by sequence of energies:
Burn--->Wind--->Burn (eyes)--->Burn(retina): Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up (Neitro, Neito control)

 Scheme to fight cancer's roots

Scheme to tame cancer's spreading,
Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up

Theory behind the schemes is the same as for other cancer type, discussed 

Non-professional use: 
--- massage of points in a sequence by smth like round tip of a pencil
--- taping green natural crystals onto all 3, crystals may be any like malachite, peridote, amazonite etc, size 2-4 mm, for several hours, up to 24 hours. After use to be treated in salted water 1 teaspoon for a glass, for 24 hours.
--- heating the points in the sequence by an incense stick, holding it perpendicular at comfortable distance,
for 0.5-1-2 min each, start with 0.5 min,or until a pleasant warm sensation at each point.
Point 3 is heated 2 times in a row! 
Professional treatment by needles implies there are 2 needles inserted into point 3, for the sequence Burn--->Burn, for more simplicity the point is numbered once.

The Light-Darkness scheme:

Both types of schemes: Nails System, previous, and this, allow very fast action however the latter operates on most fundamental level
(Diamond Energy System) working very fast at the same time
(option for emergency help for eyes traumas).

Points 1 and 2 direct action to eyes region.
Different colours for point 3 show options for:
--- sedation - taming cancer's spreading - dark point
--- harmonization - balancing energies in the area - green point
May be used to correct main treatment and between main sessions
of sedation and toning up
--- tone up - fighting cancer at it's roots - violet point

General idea of treatment for non-specialists is to alternate schemes for sedation and toning up,
one day the first, next day the second, overal 10-12 days session then break for 4-5 days.
If cancer is very aggressive, one is to concentrate on schemes to tame cancer's spreading
and have1-2 or maybe no breaks in treatment.
Unfortunately there is no universal guidance.

These are general schemes applicable for every case; schemes for a particular case take into account 
personal energy troubles having caused cancer so may work more presicely.

February 10, 2011

PNET, Constitutional Energies

For a case of brain/spinal cord cancer posted earlier:
The sufferer has Constitution Energies as:

Excess of :
--- Dampness
--- Cold 
which mean insufficient energies of:
--- Heat
--- Burn
--- Dryness

The potential disease:
1. may be created by any or all energies in excess:
--- Wind: motion disorders, rapidly developing conditions
--- Dampness: body liquids problems, soft tumours
--- Cold: stones, dense tumours - cancer
2. the striken organs or systems may relate to incufficient energies:
--- Heat: cardiovascular system, thyroid in endocrinal system, left elbow for men and right for women ( for sportsmen) etc.
--- Burn: nerv. system, eyes problems etc.
--- Dryness: body defense mechanisms, skin/hair, lungs/colon.

Cancer (Cold) developed in nerv. system - Burn.
Big part of tumour was located in cervical part of Spinal Cord, the path to it:
Burn---> Heat--->Wind
which has 2 of 3 insufficient Constitutional Energies.
The energy sequence for the 6-th March 2010 by the Internal Time Energies - the calculation based on the moment the disease appeared on one's lifetime line:
which includes 2 of 3 Constitutional Energies in excess. 

The energy of Wind present in both energy sequences may account for the type of cancer:
---  quite "dissiminative", location in cerebellus region, several places in spinal cord
--- prone to metastasise, which always gets initial impulse from energy of Wind.

This shows Constitutional Energies are important to the type of disease and where
it can develop.

If constantly compensate the insufficient energies this makes one generally stronger and less affected by harmful factors and diseases determined by Constitution.
This may be done for example, in most fundamental Diamond Energy System:

Sedation of Wind, Dampness and Cold
Tone up Heat, Burn and Dryness

February 9, 2011

PNET, brain cancer II


There's been a Triorigin Time Energy scheme for the case; more schemes in Spiral System:

Scheme summarising the pathogenic energies.

So far it was on the first stage, "Wind", the treatment
is described by 2 yellow points:
--- sedation of Wind and tone up of Dampness (the opposite energy)

There may be scheme directly addressing the cancer's location, like in the post on esophagial cancer:

There is another valuable scheme composed also for the moment cancer appeared, but based on
the "Internal Time Energies Cycle" related to the period this happens on one's lifetime line:

Treatment is the same.

February 5, 2011

Colon cancer, metastatic in liver and lungs II

The schemes can be chosen according to:
--- first scheme is closer to "Hetero" principle, 1-dimentional  nature
--- second scheme is closer to "Gomo" principle - 2-dimentional nature
There is classification of any time periods like days, hours, monthes, to Gomo or 
For example:
Well-known periods of meridians activity:
--- 3-5 hours AM - Lungs - Gomo
--- 5-7 - colon - Hetero
--- 7-9 - stomach - Hetero
--- 1 AM - 3 AM - liver - Gomo 
allowing to use 1-st or 2-nd scheme for a 2 hours period.
This is useful if cancer is fast-developing, locates closer to surface and similar.

There is also "24 hours internal time cycle":
--- 2 AM-6 AM - Wind - Hetero
--- 6 - 10 - Heat - Hetero
--- 10 - 14 - Burn - Hetero
--- 22 - 2 AM - Cold - Gomo
which matches the nature of any cancer Gomo - disease,  and is preferable for deep-rooting, 
slowly developing resistant cancer.

Besides, there are:
--- 2 essential periods for general cancer energies of Cold and Burn, 2-nd and 1-st scheme respectively
--- periods corresponding to energies of organs affected by cancer, in this case, Dryness and Wind
Wind is 2 AM - 6 AM, Dryness is 18- 22 hours
Additionally, Wind period is:
--- 2 AM - 4 AM: A -Wind ---> gall bladder
--- 4 AM - 6 AM: UM-Wind ---> liver
and similarly:
--- 18 - 20: colon
--- 20 - 22: lungs