February 10, 2011

PNET, Constitutional Energies

For a case of brain/spinal cord cancer posted earlier:
The sufferer has Constitution Energies as:

Excess of :
--- Dampness
--- Cold 
which mean insufficient energies of:
--- Heat
--- Burn
--- Dryness

The potential disease:
1. may be created by any or all energies in excess:
--- Wind: motion disorders, rapidly developing conditions
--- Dampness: body liquids problems, soft tumours
--- Cold: stones, dense tumours - cancer
2. the striken organs or systems may relate to incufficient energies:
--- Heat: cardiovascular system, thyroid in endocrinal system, left elbow for men and right for women ( for sportsmen) etc.
--- Burn: nerv. system, eyes problems etc.
--- Dryness: body defense mechanisms, skin/hair, lungs/colon.

Cancer (Cold) developed in nerv. system - Burn.
Big part of tumour was located in cervical part of Spinal Cord, the path to it:
Burn---> Heat--->Wind
which has 2 of 3 insufficient Constitutional Energies.
The energy sequence for the 6-th March 2010 by the Internal Time Energies - the calculation based on the moment the disease appeared on one's lifetime line:
which includes 2 of 3 Constitutional Energies in excess. 

The energy of Wind present in both energy sequences may account for the type of cancer:
---  quite "dissiminative", location in cerebellus region, several places in spinal cord
--- prone to metastasise, which always gets initial impulse from energy of Wind.

This shows Constitutional Energies are important to the type of disease and where
it can develop.

If constantly compensate the insufficient energies this makes one generally stronger and less affected by harmful factors and diseases determined by Constitution.
This may be done for example, in most fundamental Diamond Energy System:

Sedation of Wind, Dampness and Cold
Tone up Heat, Burn and Dryness

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