August 21, 2010

PNET, brain cancer

Primitive cells which differentiate into a specific cells types may have something in common 
with stem cells.
Stem cells must have unusual energy potential to be able to perform their main function, 
and one may expect similar from primitive cells.
This may explain certain features of cancer originated from primitive cells, like especialy
aggressive behavour. Though usually respond to chemotherapy, they can quickly get resistant 
to current treatment, easily form new colonies etc. 
So the efficient PNET treatment is considered to be high-dose chemotherapy, which presents 
much higher risk to the patient life due to known reasons.

Su-jok medicine approach for PNET and fast-developing brain tumours stays the same
--- one is to accent on taming cancer proliferation
--- every location of tumour is easily acsessible because every part of the brain, whatever small, can be targetted via Space Energies, like described in:
There will be additional point related to the depth of tumour location in the brain, i.e. 3-dimentional
--- zones for depth may go the same way as vertical mapping:
which corresponds to chakral energy distribution.

There may be mapping regarding to the type of energy considered:
--- structural
--- functional
The scheme composed to destroy tumours structure, may be Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up 
as basic = structural energy of cancer is Cold = Gomo = Yin, while the scheme composed for 
functional energies is to control cancer proliferation, i.e. Hetero = Yang sedate, 
Gomo tone up.

For localized brain tumours treatment in "local" systems may be very useful, an example to treat
optic nerve degeneration in the post:

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