December 26, 2009

Skin cancer

For the case of Melanie Griffith, to demonstrate further the ideas to locate a disease
via Space Energies.

If to base the location for the skin cancer from the image,
according to how it was told by Melanie Griffith for the press, the sequence of energies to target it will be:

Dryness (skin)---> Burn (face)---> Wind (horizontal
mapping)---> Cold (vertical mapping): energies to work 

The energy mapping on the face can be explained with the following diagrams.
--- The energy mapping of face in horizontal segments, going down:

 Burn (hair border)---Heat---Wind---Dampness---Dryness---Cold (chin)

The zone falls into area controlled by
energy of Wind.

Next is energy mapping in vertical segments:

The affected zone corresponds to
Cold energy.

Overall, the use of space energies allows mapping the affected zone in all 3 dimentions.

In case of skin disease the mapping by depth is not needed, but becomes essential
in case of, for example, brain tumours, when the location by depth is known from
MRI scan.

The rest of treatment has been described earlier, i.e. scheme for treating cancer at it's
1.Dryness ---> Burn---> Wind---> Cold: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up, Neitro, Neito control
and scheme to control proliferation:
2.Dryness ---> Burn---> Wind---> Cold: Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up, Neitro, Neito control
 The scheme in points in Universal Joints System:

On joint 1 there's choice of  2 schemes to
perform: upper is treating cancer at it's roots,
lower is control of proliferation.

Besides, it's possible to apply an anticancer remedy, or even a crystalline chemo drug
onto the corresponding zone on the finger:

For Melanie Griffith an option may be
index finger left hand, together with ring finger
right hand, controlled by Cold, main cancer's energy.

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