January 19, 2010

Sinuses region

State of sinuses is important not only for singers as sinus disorders are
fairly common and bring a at least lot of inconvenience (and sometims lead to serious and even life-threatening conditions like brain infections).

There is general mapping of face on a finger in Su-jok acupuncture:  


Sinus region is mapped the same as on the upper image and can be treated by any of discussed Su-jok treatment, moxibustion and anticancer remedy
for any type of infections for example.

This will also improve this region as a resonator.

One may also treat the whole region in a local system:

The points are mapped in 8 Qi system,
as usual there is also Triorigin mapping
at right.

In fact, the region is realted to 6-th chakra 
of Burn in the system of boyl-chakras so treatment
can be done on it.

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