January 19, 2010

Emotions and organs, emotional energies healing

Traditional Chinese acupuncture and Su-jok offer links between emotions and

Liver+gall bladder - anger(negative emotion)/kindness (positive emotion)
Heart +small intestine - hatred/love
Spleen/pancreas + stomach - anxiety (tranquility, comfort)
Lungs + colon- grief, depression (courage, nobleness)
Kidneys + bladder - fear (tenderness, rest, vigilance)

In braskets there are emotions/state of mind not stated in Su-jok and added from Chinese Chi-kung
by master Mantak Chia.

In Su-jok there can be 2 major approaches and sources to work on emotions energies:
1."Gomo" approach, related to organs, described above
2.Approach via meridians

Burn - satisfaction, happiness
Heat - joy
Wind - anger (kindness)
Dampness - anxiety (tranquility, comfort)
Dryness - grief, depression (courage, nobleness)
Cold - fear (tenderness, rest, vigilance)

There can be any meridians systems to use; there's been linking of emotions to Neitro energy
so preferable are the Neitro-meridians systems: Spiral, Joints, and especially the Nails system
("Neitro in Neitro" for Fingers Spiral System).

The already discussed Universal Joints System:

1. Cold:  kidneys

2. Dryness: lungs.
3. Dampness: spleen
4. Wind: liver
5. Heat: heart
6. Burn: brain
7 - Light, 8 - Darkness - controlling energies

8 Qi points for all meridians, cross-section of joints, VIEW FROM TOP!

Triorigin points, cross-section of joints, VIEW FROM TOP!

Mapping for Yang - Hetero organs on left hand; meridians and points is exactly

1. Cold: bladder
2. Dryness: colon
3. Dampness: stomach
4. Wind: gall bladder
5. Heat: small intestine
6. Burn: spinal column

7 - Light, 8 - Darkness - controlling energies

General idea is right hand for chronic cases and left for acute cases.

The Nails system  has the same meridian for the pair of Gomo-Hetero organs and may be
easier to use for non-professionals.
Points are on flesh around nails touching nails from outside, 2-3 mm in size:

Energies on fingers of left hand:
--- Little finger - Wind - anger/kindness
--- Ring finger - Burn - fear/tenderness
--- Index finger - Heat - joy/hatred

--- Middle finger - Light - control for 
above energies
Thumbs - general control

Energies on fingers of right hand:
--- Little finger -Dampness
--- Ring finger -Cold
--- Index finger -Dryness

--- Middle finger - Darkness - control for 
above energies
 Thumbs - general control

 Triorigin points,left hand

 Triorigin points, right hand

Emotional healing is rather subtle and sophisticated and it's hard to give a list-to-follow  
of recipes for non-specialists, however general treatment is quite easy:

1 - massage of a zone or meridian related to the energy to treat
2. applying aroma oils or remedies on organs zones.
3. moxibition - heating by moxa cigar or even incense stick going around the meridian
or heating the whole nail surface on the finger, moxa perpendicular to nails surface.
For stronger and better balanced effect the same for pair of "polar" meridians/nails
--- for anxiety - Dampness energy - location on little finger
of right hand: heating both nails on little fimngers
--- anger - Wind energy - little finger left hand - the same pair of little fingers nails.
--- depression, frustration, sadness - heating both index fingers nails
--- fear - heating both ring fingers nails.

Massage of organs in order:  
Kidneys--->Liver---> Heart--->Spleen+pancreas--->Lungs

("The Creative Cycle") was described earlier to strengthen the whole body energy system.  

Due to the link between emotions and energies the massage of organs in that order can also balance emotions in general.

There is version of this massage in Chi-kung when one starts with Lungs:
Lungs--->Kidneys--->Liver---> Heart--->Spleen+pancreas
this may work better as lungs/colon represent will-power/resolution/protection on mental level and thus give an impulse to change.

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