January 22, 2010

Emotional healing on vocal cords zones

Healing on emotional level, thus as a rule very efficient for singers, can be performed
on vocal cords zones via the general scheme.

Using links between emotions and local energies on the image, one can find the necessary zone
to treat a particular emotional disorder.

For example:
--- anxiety - Dampness zone
--- sadness, frustration Dryness zone
 ---fear - Cold zone

The zones have the same mapping for 6 Qi and Triorigin point.

From the practice, there are another zones also involved, like has been described earlier for general
emotional healing, which are "polar", for example:
--- Dryness zone + Heat zone for sadness/frustration/depression
--- Cold + Burn for fear

The active Gomo-point may be more active on Gomo-energy zone like Cold, and
the Hetero-point more active on "polar" zone i.e. Burn.

Then, one may have a pair of zones like Dryness-Heat more active on the same vocal fold or
Dryness more active on the left fold and Heat on the right.

There can also be different mapping for zones:

Here the zones are distributed on both
vocal folds and get bigger which makes
treatment by points easier.

Overall, emotional correction via vocal cords shows prominent and quick effect also for non-singers
and seems a good option for everyone.

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