January 25, 2010

For musicians - fingers problems

Chronic fingers problems can bring a lot of troubles for example for piano or violin players
and there's been not one case a well-known musician had to terminate his career in music
because of traditionally used methods like surgery or physio have shown no much
Su-jok acupuncture can target every region on the palm or fingers and focus the healing power
in very narrow place which raises chances to help even in most complex or "hopeless"
The below is also a good demonstration of the use of so-called Space Energy mapping where
every part of the body gets it's own energy characteristics from it's position in space.

Hands are mapped in Space energies as Burn:

Forearm are Heat energy, Shoulders are Wind

Fingers on the hand get their own energies:
--- thumb - Burn/Heat
--- index - Wind
--- middle - Dampness
--- ring - Dryness
--- little - Cold

Every finger has mapping of energies in sectors:
--- Cold sector - the "strip" at the centre of inner side of a finger
--- Burn sector  - right at 180* on the outer side
--- Wind, Heat, Dampness and Dryness sectors go around
clockwise if look from top of finger

So everything which falls into a particular sector gets an energy
path to it in a sequence of energies.

For example, a tendinitis of an index finger located like it is
marked on the image.

The path to the area focusing the healing power at the same time
will be:
Wind (body tendons/ligaments)--->Burn (hand)---> Wind (index finger)---> Dryness (location on the  finger)---> acu recipe for tendinitis in energies

For tendinitis on the ring finger the scheme will be:
Wind (body tendons/ligaments)--->Burn---> Dryness--->Wind--->energies to work on

Tendinitis is generally described in pathological energies of Heat (inflammation), Dryness
(restriction in movements, pain if sharp, twisting) and Cold (pain if constant, functional losses)

This matches the Crossing Constitution of Heat, Dryness and Cold excess in a Constitutions

The main energy links explain why trying to correct inflammation
or pain through Heat-Dryness will not succeed as both energies are in excess in this constitution.

The axis of symmetry gives real pairs of energies in excess-lacking to sedate-tone up:
--- Wind-Heat
--- Cold-Burn
--- Dryness- Dampness

The energy to start with depends on the leading  symptome.
Suppose it's pain i.e energy of Cold. Then one has 2 paths to the opposite energies in this constitution i.e
--- the opposite energy of Burn via the main energy axis
--- the supplementary path to the closest lacking energy of Wind.
One may start by sedation of Cold - tone up Burn. However in some cases better to start with a mildest scheme (for example if pain at the very beginning of the treatment becomes too strong) i.e sedation of Cold - tone up of Wind. This will give a comfortable intro into a process and get other energies activated to healing, then add treatment for the main energy pairs.
The full schemes (in 8 Qi):

Wind (body tendons/ligaments)--->Burn (hand)---> Wind (index finger)---> Dryness (location on the finger): Cold sedate, Wind tone up, Light control
Alternatively, for intro/harmonising one may start from sedation of Dryness and 
tone up Dampness.
Then, based on the resultes obtained :
Wind --->Burn--->Wind--->Dryness--->: Cold, sedate, Wind, Burn tone up, Light ctrl
For the chronic case, energy of Dryness i.e stiffness is usually more pronounced than Heat 
(inflammation) so next may be sedation of Dryness:
Wind--->Burn--->Wind--->Dryness--->: Cold, Dryness sedate, Wind, Burn tone up, Light ctrl
Full teratment by all 6 energies:
Wind--->Burn--->Wind--->Dryness--->: Cold, Heat, Dryness sedate, Wind, Burn, Dampness tone up, Light ctrl

This scheme in points in Spiral System (8 Qi): 

There are only points 1,2,3 and 9, 10 fixed
as,  it was said that points choice and sequence for the tendinitis treatment may vary on the case.

The scheme is on right palm - chronic case.

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