December 25, 2009

Endocrinal glands

Endocrinal system generally belongs to Dampness energy, meridian N3 and each gland is
at sub-level energy as:

--- Cold - testicles/ovarie, 1
--- Dryness - adrenals, 2
--- Dampness - pancreas, 3                          
--- Wind - thymus, 4
--- Heat - thyroid, 5
--- Burn - pituitary gland, 6

--- Light - hypothalamus, 7
--- Darkness - pineal gland, 8

So to treat a particular gland the procedure is:
--- on the Dampness meridian pick up a transition point corresponding to the energy of a gland:

 Dampness meridian, N3

For example, for thyroid - Heat point - light blue.
For all schemes in this post points are on a joint line, view from top
of finger, palm oriented towards body.

So for this point: 
 --- marking this point in green
--- taping green seed/crystal

--- go to the corresponding meridian - for thyroid Heat meridian, light blue, and do the treatment:

For cancer:
---to treat cancer at it's roots, Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up scheme:

--- marking the points in colours shown on the image
--- taping seeds/crystals of the same colours

--- to harness cancer proliferation, Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up scheme:

The last Neito control point, green, will be:
--- Cold - testicles/ovaries                             
--- Dryness - adrenals
--- Dampness - pancreas
will be on Darkness meridian N8

--- Wind - thymus
--- Heat - thyroid
--- Burn - pituitary gland
will be on Light meridian N7

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