December 20, 2009


This type of cancer differs from many others which originally affect just one
organ/system like lung or colon:
1. Bone marrow (and thymus), which is sub-level energy of Darkness
in main energy of Heat:
2. Spleen as sub-energy of Dampness in main energy of Heat.

So the scheme for bone marrow:
Heat--->Darkness: energies to work on
the scheme for spleen:
Heat---> Dampness: energies to work on.

The schemes in points, the joints are arranged vertically under "bone marrow"
and "spleen" on the image:

The Triorigin scheme to treat cancer at
it's root energy - Cold or Gomo.

There can also be treatment for production and accumulation of pathogenic
blood cells as there exist energy classification for every type of them.
For example, B-lymphocytes:
--- they belong to Heat energy in the blood cells system i.e energy path to
them is

--- to decrease their number, the scheme:
Heat--->Light--->Heat: Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up, Light ctrl
or in 8 Qi:
Heat--->Light--->Heat: Heat sedate, Dryness tone up, Light ctrl

--- on the other hand, one can push them to mature state:
Heat--->Light--->Heat: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up, Light ctrl
or in 8 Qi:
Heat--->Light--->Heat: Cold sedate, Burn tone up, Light ctrl

Other blood cells energy matching:
--- monocytes -Wind
--- T-lymphocytes - Burn
--- neutrophils - Dampness
--- basophils - Dryness
--- eosinophils - Cold
Erythrocites - Light,  
Megakaryocytes, thrombocytes - Darkness,  which may be useful to generally correct 
the blood cells picture.

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