December 11, 2009

Prostate and cervical cancer

Reproductive system relates to Darkness energy.
Prostate and cervix are energy sub-levels within the main energy of Darkness,
which gives 1 additional i.e transition point:
Darkness---> Wind: energies to work on
for both prostate and cervix.
The acupuncture scheme in the discussed Universal Joints System:

The transition point 1 is on the Darkness meridian N8, then proceed to Wind meridian N4, where one
can do either Triorigin treatment - points 2,3,4,5
as described earlier, or healing in 8 Chi energies,
second curcle (mapped are general position for all points on joint, not the anticancer scheme).

For womb cancer, located so that it is in area controlled by energy of Wind within the


 The scheme to treat cancer at it's roots will be:
Darkness(reprod. system)--->Dampness(womb)--->Wind(location of tumour in the womb): 
1.Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up, Neitro, Neito control  in Triorigin

2. Cold sedate, Burn tone up, Light, Darkness control in 8 Chi

The scheme is made in Energies of Space, where every body part or organ gets energy characteristics  according to it's location. 

For the 8 Chi system (last row, at right) the points
to treat are shown at outside near the standard points:
3 - sedate Cold, 4 - tone up Burn
5 - Light control
6 - Darkness control

Other parts have their own sub-level energies, in particular:        

Dryness - uterine tube, orange - Dryness transition point on joint 8, then proceed to Dryness meridian
to perform healing:

Darkness--->Dryness: energies to work on

Cold - infundibulum and fimbriae - red - Cold point  
Darkness - ovaries, testicles - black - Darkness point

Joint of Darkness, N8 (cross-section, view from top)

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