December 9, 2009

Opera Singers 2

Finally, there can be "local system" healing, linear mode:

The meridian crosses the heart at central line (yellow), on the Standard
Correspondence System on palm.
It may be considered as "local" Zheng-Mai or Conception meridian in terms of classic Chinese acu. 
Marked on it are Triorigin points in Creative cycle:
He - red, Ho - blue, Ne, No - green

Arrows determine the direction needles to insert for the discussed scheme i.e. Hetero tone up, Gomo sedate, Neitro, Neito control.
This shows the angle needles form to the skin surface, actually they all are in vertical square crossing heart at the yellow meridian.

 Left hand for acute cases, right - for chronic ones.   

The "round local system" has been described earlier: 

It also may be applied here, i.e. on the coronary region for more precise action if 
Healing in Gomo-mode i.e. simple application of seeds/crystals onto the heart zone has been
described in Su-jok books for beginners, self-treatment.

Some ideas on acu for singers was in: 

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