December 7, 2009

Joints and cancer treatment 2 , step-by-step

Practical guide to summarise the previous post on cancer treatment on joints.

Suppose, the liver cancer.
Liver meridian on the scheme is N4, green, on right hand:

1. to treat cancer at it's roots which remains constant through
the course, one needs to
--- sedate Gomo (1), tone up Hetero (2) by taping 2 red seeds/stones onto the points 1 and 2.
--- then a green seed/crystal on point 3.

Point 3 - Neitro point, is located on the top of the joint, and on the top
of knuckle for the 1-st joints from the palm, like in case of liver: 

Finally, the 4-th Neito-point will be located on the 2-nd joint (the joint A
on the next pic) of the thumb on the same hand,
(view from top!).
A green seed or crystal to tape onto.

The joints choice for Neito-point is:
--- for Gomo-meridians: Cold, Dryness, Dampness - 1,2,3, - on joint B of a thumb
--- for Hetero-meridians: Wind, Heat, Burn - 4,5,6 - on joint A on a thumb:

Thumbs are chosen on the same hand where the meridian
for the disease is.
So for liver cancer, this will be joint A, right hand



2. to tame cancer proliferation at certain stages and when this is necessary, the healing scheme 
will be sedation of Hetero (2), tone up Gomo (1):

Neitro-point 3 and Neito-point 4 are the same as for treating cancer at it's


 3. Types of cancer not listed on the scheme:

--- For pancreas, one may for this scheme choose the Spleen meridian, on right
hand. It also may be treated on Brain meridian, blue, right hand
--- Duodenum may be treated on Spinal cord meridian of left hand.
--- Skin relates to A-Dryness energy, and can be treated on Colon meridian, left hand.
However this is too generalized and the scheme is to be detailed for the particular
affected area. Unfortunately this is too complex to describe here.
--- Bones relate to Cold, and can be treated on Kidney meridian, however the same for the
disease location.
--- Breast cancer may be treated on Wind meridians, which relate to the location of
breasts on the body. Then, left breast will correspond to Gall Bladder meridian,
and right breast to Liver meridian.

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