December 6, 2009

Joints and cancer treatment

Organs have their basic energy, according to Su-jok acupuncture as well as
Traditional Chinese acupuncture and energies have their mapping on joints:

Energies on left hand - Yang or Hetero group:

1. Cold: bladder
2. Dryness: colon
3. Dampness: stomach
4. Wind: gall bladder
5. Heat: small intestine
6. Burn: spinal column

7. Light: 
8. Darkness

Energies on right hand - Yin or Gomo group:

1. Cold:  kidneys
2. Dryness: lungs.
3. Dampness: spleen
4. Wind: liver
5. Heat: heart
6. Burn: brain

7. Light: 
8. Darkness

Light and Darkness meridians are used as energy systems of higher level to control the healing on basic meridians:
 Light controls the Hetero-group of energies i.e. Wind, Heat, and Burn
on index finger for both hands
Darkness controls Gomo-group of energies: Cold, Dryness, Dampness

This allows to choose the affected organ, for example, by cancer, on the joint and carry out treatment on the joint line.
For this system, mapping of points in 8 energies on joints: points are at 45* to each other on the skin on the joint line, size about 2-3mm, the cross-section of the joints, view from top:

                                Left hand                          Right hand      

Colours of points indicate the same energies as listed for the joints:
Cold - red
Dryness - orange
Dampness - yellow
Wind - green
Heat - light blue
Burn - blue
Light - violet
Darkness - black

Triorigin points:
                                    Left hand     
Right hand
Red  points - Hetero, blue - Gomo, Neitro (Light) and Neito (Darkness)
The Neitro and Neito points here are marked green as in 95% cases they
are used as control points.                                             

Location at 90* to each other, size the same, 2-3 mm.

Triorigin healing of cancer is the safest, and at the same time one of the simplest because of just 3 or 4 points to use (and special feature of symmetry, below):

Suppose, treats cancer at it's roots:
Cancer is Cold - Gomo disease so the general recipe at all stages is to sedate Gomo, tone up 
Hetero, Neitro control.
Neito point may be used on the same joint but it seems better according to recent recommendations
to use it on controlling meridians i.e. Light and Darkness. control proliferation,  the recipe is reversed i.e. sedate Hetero (proliferation), tone up Gomo (shrinking), also Neitro, Neito control as described above.

Using needles, moxibition, light irradiation, magnets will not be described for cancer, 
as this post is mostly for non-specialists and these are the field for a professional.
However, use of plant seeds and natural stones may be similar effective and much safer/easier 
to use.
For Triorigin points:
---  Hetero is red and seeds/stones of the same colour:
stones: red garnet, ruby
seeds: red pepper, carrot, viburnum or guelder rose
--- Gomo is blue and generally brown/dark seeds and blue stones
seeds: apple, pear
stones: lazurite, sodalite, saphire

What makes Triorigin healing especially simple:
 ---> red tones up Hetero applied on Hetero point, and sedates Gomo applied on Gomo
---> blue tons up Gomo for Gomo, and sedates Hetero.
--- to tone up Hetero, sedate Gomo, one uses a pair of red seeds/stones,
as this tones up Hetero and red item sedates Gomo at the same time.
--- two blue stones which will sedate Hetero and tone up Gomo.

This eliminates the problem of keeping in mind the energy flow direction at the joints
(different to both hands) and different mapping for Hetero and Gomo points on
left and right hand, which is essential for using needles, as wherever one places, suppose,
2 red seeds/stones on pair of Hetero/Gomo points, this will tone up Hetero as 
described above.

Neitro point is always on the top of joint knuckle, and Neito point is on the middle of
"inner" part of joint line.

For control the green seeds/stones are used: 
--- lentils, small asian green pea
--- amazonite, malachite, peridote, green garnets

Stronger action if also massage the points by smth like round tip of pencil, or right by
an item attached onto.

One may try simple version of moxibition by an incense stick:
--- lit and keep at about 1-2 cm from the point perpendicular to all points in a
sequence shown on the image!
for 0.5-1 min for each point or until a pleasant warmth
at each point.

Stones and seeds are taped onto the points, 0.5 to several hours up to 24 hours i.e wearing
Seeds are to be changed for frech ones after 12-24 hours and stones to be kept in salted water
1 teaspoon for a glassfor 24 hours after use, so it's good to have 2 sets of stones for non-stop

Of course one needs to constantly monitor the state of cancer and it's behavour
like, if speedy proliferation at the moment, to choose the right scheme from the above.
In general one needs to alternate schemes for cancer roots and cancer proliferation.

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