November 25, 2009

Nails to apply remedies

Every finger represents certain energy, like index finger left hand is Heat,
so one may apply anticancer remedy like described for Muslim medicine, onto the
Nails are known as Light chakras or Neitro-"joints" in Spiral system, and Infinite Neito in a
scheme for Triorigin healing on Joint meridians, all are the clue controlling systems with high
level of action.

The specific finger for cancer may be the finger of Cold i.e. the ring finger
right hand.

Nails are also a place for so-called Round correspondence systems i.e. virtually every
organ can be linked to a specific nail:
stomach - little finger right hand
brain - ring finger left hand, etc.

According to general principles, Triorigin points may be located on each nail
to give fundamental and also fast-working acupuncture scheme,
which may be specified to each finger energy in 8 Qi or their Triorigin energies.
Both classifications have long been described in Su-jok Onnuri sources.
Uselul tools to work on nail surface are:
--- the colour light emitters the trademark of Su-jok acupuncture, based on
luminodiodes technique which generate high-focused pulsed light beam
with frequencies of choice for each colour as 1, 5 and 20 Hz used to
1 Hz - tone up
20 Hz - sedate
5 Hz - harmonize
--- moxibustion by standard small-size moxas or the insence sticks, which come
in a variety of sizes and have components specially picked up for a particular

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