November 25, 2009

Recipes for cancer

Blackseed and blackseed oil are very interesting for cancer treatment which was confirmed
by many clinical studies.
Blackseed seems to be strong Yang-Burn for main energy, which automatically makes it
valuable to treat Gomo-Yin diseases including cancer.
It is used as a preventive tool to raise immunity in, for example,  Muslim tradition, 1 teaspoon
per day; usually balanced in Yin-Yang by using with Yin products like honey, milk,
orange juice etc.
Recipe for cancer, cited from a book:
"Apply black seed oil on the affected area. Also, drink 3 times a day the remedy consisting of
1 teaspoon of black seed oil and 1 glass of fresh carrot juice (to be stirred right before use).
Go on for 3 monthes.
It's also recommended to use black seed with garlic."

There can be developed a recipe containing  blackseed oil, blackseed powder,
carlic or/and carrot, in a form of viscous pulp to apply on cancer-affected
In general:
125 ml of blackseed oil
135 g of finely grinded blackseed

Such recipe proved working well also applied on basic energy points and boyl-chakras.

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