November 25, 2009

Kidneys and heart mapping

Useful Su-jok mapping of kidney and heart:
Kidney as Gomo (Yin) organ is best treated on the foot, heart projection
on the palm:

  One has access to important vital parts and zones
like valves, main heart vessels have clear correspondence
to fingers.
Disorders like aorta aneurism may be mapped on the
thumb and get treatment via local system points,
moxibition etc.

There's location for sinus-artial node, which is quoted in a
number of Su-jok sources on cardiology to treat incorrect heart beating.

The internal kidneys structures like pyramides etc are easy  to treat by Su-jok methods or applying drugs onto the zones on the foot.

Kidney stones are known to locate at renal pelvis and mapping the actual stone position on the diagram allows precise action by moxibition or stone-lysing medicine.

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